The definitive function of the Google Pixel to avoid spam calls could soon arrive in Spain

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622698606 212955583 1706x960.jpg

Google’s call filter could soon be available in Spanish to prevent users from having to pick up spam calls.


Every year, with the launch of the Google Pixel, they release some exclusive functions of the company’s mobile phones that no other Android device has, at least natively in the operating system. With this, The brand seeks to differentiate them from the rest of mobile phonesalthough it is true that there are features that may take a while to be available in Spain.

Now, it seems that the best of the Pixel mobile functions related to phone calls could finally reach the brand’s mobile phones in our country. Is about Pixel Call Screena call filter that can save users time and energy.

The American company would have been working on adapting this function to more languages ​​so that it crosses borders and is present in more regions. One of the adapted languages ​​would be Spanish, something that was announced more than two years ago, but was not yet available.

A barrier to spam

Pixel Call Screen is an exclusive feature of Google mobiles that is responsible for filter spam calls so that the user does not have to answer them, but can know what they want. The assistant is able to answer the call, ask who is making it and why they are calling. After this, he carries out a transcription of the responses so that this information can be accessed in real time.

This way, the owner of the device does not need to pick up the call to know what they want from it. This is done with spam calls, and it is even possible to choose from some predefined responses for Google Assistant to respond to. In addition, when using the company’s virtual assistant, it is compatible with different voice commands.

Screen Call

There are some Reddit users in India who have already managed to make this feature work using some modules for Magisk, and the important thing in this sense is that there is a list with more languages ​​availablewhich reveals that this feature could reach more countries.

Spanish is one of those languages, but French, Italian and Portuguese also appear, so everything indicates that the company could present this function in some European countries. It is expected that there will be a new content update for the Google Pixel during the first quarter of 2024, and that could be the time chosen by Google to launch this function in Spain.

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