The definitive and easiest trick to read messages without anyone knowing is on WhatsApp Web

the definitive and easiest trick to read messages without anyone.webp.webp.webp
the definitive and easiest trick to read messages without anyone.webp.webp.webp

Although I admit that I have never installed alternative WhatsApp applications like WhatsApp Pink, WhatsApp Gold or that promised vitaminized version WhatsApp Plus, more out of professional research than curiosity, I have tried a long list of ways to read WhatsApp messages in ninja mode.

Thus, I have used the Google assistant, I have also pulled the widgets to use them as snitches, I have used the notification preview, I have pulled the airplane mode… but in the end they are a method that goes beyond how I have my phone configured (for example, I like that notifications are not displayed on the screen and I am committed to minimalism). However, if I am interested read a WhatsApp message without anyone knowingI have a simple and foolproof trick: use WhatsApp Web.

How to read a message without anyone knowing on WhatsApp Web

I don’t have to install anything nor is it necessary to activate any special configuration and it is not a bug that is going to disappear, because in fact it has been operational and working for years. Plus, it works just as well. regardless of the browser or whether the operating system is Windows or Linux.

This trick is especially interesting for those people who communicate by writing information in a single long message… because the only handicap of this trick is You can only see the last message they sent you


To read messages in ninja mode with WhatsApp Web you just have to open the application in the browser and enter your account as always and when someone speaks to you, you will see the classic green balloon with the number of messages in

This point is important, since otherwise it will appear as read. Wait a few seconds and a small message will appear pop-up bubble with the entire message content.

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