The deal of the day is this smart watch with Wear OS with almost a 50% discount

TicWatch 5 Pro

TicWatch has reduced several of its smart watches, including one that goes from 299 to 170 euros, a 43% discount.

Smart watches are gaining more and more traction in Spain, partly due to the popularity of the Apple Watch and partly because of the effort that Google is making in this regard. Just a few hours ago it updated its application store for this type of device to improve usability and interface.

The watches are divided between those that have great autonomy but limited benefitslike those from Amazfit (although the new Balance is very interesting) and those who have very advanced capabilities but limited autonomy (although the TicWatch ones offer more autonomy than expected).

It is this last brand that has reduced some of its models, among which the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS stands out. It also has the new TicWatch Pro 5 and the TicWatch E3 on sale, a lower category model that also has less discount.

He TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS It cost 299 euros at the time of its launch and is now on Amazon for 170 euros, a 43% discount. It stands out above all for its double screen, with a high-resolution OLED and a low-power LCD, which is why it offered between two and three days of average use, much more than most smartwatches.

(TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra 4G analysis: the two screens are the key)

It also stood out for its high-performance processor, as well as its GPS and NFC functions. Of course, it has Wear OS, which means that all kinds of applications can be installed, from Spotify to WhatsApp.

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Another model that has been presented is the TicWatch Pro 5, the company’s latest model, which passed through the analysis table a few weeks ago. It is very similar to the previous model, but in this case we have a more advanced processor and an autonomy that is close to five days.

It also improves the Wear OS version, which is version 3 instead of the two that the Pro 3 has. Of course, the reduction in this model is much smaller, going from 360 to 290 euros. It is still a very interesting watch, but for many it may not compensate for the price difference compared to the 3 Ultra GPS.

Lastly, there is the Ticwatch E3, a model that, using the same Wear OS 2.0 operating system, is in a lower category. It does not include the dual screen, but it is still capable of running applications and making mobile payments with any bank compatible with Google Pay. Its price has gone from 182 to 140 euros.