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The curious case of Xiaomi televisions that disassemble themselves. What’s happening?

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Xiaomi boasts a family of smart TVs with a high value for money. To the point that the Asian manufacturer has managed to position itself as one of the great references when it comes to buying a Smart TV. Though One of the latest Xiaomi televisions presented has a curious problem: the screen disassembles itself.

A surprising problem that has nothing to do with the handling process: the panel simply slides until it falls to the ground, even though no one has touched it. What is happening?

Well, the answer could be in the model that is suffering from this problem. As reported from Gizmochina, it looks like the Xiaomi Mi TV EA70, which was presented in December of last year, is the one that is suffering from this curious failure. And its design surely has a lot to do with it.

There are several defective units.

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As we told you, the Xiaomi Mi TV EA70 is a smart TV that was presented in China at the end of 2021 and that offers somewhat limited performance at a technical level, which is why it is part of the entry range. Of course, it has a price of about 458 euros to change, and being a 70-inch 4K television, it is a real bargain.

This new cheap Xiaomi Smart TV stands out especially for its design. The firm integrated a metal frame in one piece with a thickness of 2 mm, achieving that the 70-inch screen occupies a ratio of 97.9% compared to the front.

On a visual level it is sublime, with an impressive product and whose screen is the main protagonist. The problem is that, at some point in the assembly, something has gone wrong since there are several print runs that are suffering from this problem.

case-of-Xiaomi-televisions-that-disassemble-themselves-Whats.jpg" alt="Xiaomi EA 70 with the screen down " width="980" height="524" /> Xiaomi EA 70 with the screen down
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It all started a few months ago, when some users found themselves with an unpleasant surprise: the screen of his Xiaomi TV had come unstuck for no apparent reason.

Also, the first incident occurred in the reception of a company, so we are not talking about a scam attempt, but a real problem. Xiaomi was quick to respond saying that it was an isolated and rare incident, so the owners of this model should not worry about anything.

But it seems that the firm did a more extensive analysis and found that two batches manufactured between February 14 and March 20 suffer from this defect. So the company has released an app that allows you to check if your Xiaomi EA70 TV is a faulty run.

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Through an automatic test, it will be possible to know if the television suffers a problem since the app will notify the user of the result so that they can contact the official customer service to make an appointment for on-site maintenance and that it will include an extended 2-year warranty.

Without a doubt, a curious problem and it seems that it will have a happy ending for the owners of this Xiaomi television that, At the moment, it is not marketed in Spain.

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