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The creator of the website El Rincón de Roja Directa sentenced to 2 years in prison and 500,000 euros

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After a long period, finally Miguel TG, creator of the well-known pirate website to watch football “El Rincón de Roja directa and other online platforms, has agreed to a deal with the prosecution whereby He will serve a sentence of two years in prison plus the payment of 500,000 euros as compensation for damages.

A sentence that, although it has already been branded as “excessive” by many, mainly given the non-violent nature of the crime, comes as part of a positive agreement for the accused, in contrast to the six years in prison that were initially requested, and that it exempts the defendant’s mother (who had been nominally included in connection with some of the pirate websites) from any blame.


The Corner of Roja Directa Miguel

With a total of five different websites: rinconrojadirecta.com, portalXD.com, epubgratis.tv, rinconpeliculas.com and torrentsdvdrip.com, it is worth noting the difference between El Rincón de Roja Directa and Direct Red itself, and it is that the website that Miguel operated used content from Rojadirecta.com, but is not associated with it. In fact, the real Roja Directa previously won a WIPO domain dispute against Miguel’s company, which posed as the original site.

On the other hand, it is surprising that the amount of compensation does not reach the income generated through these illegal actions, which according to the calculations of the prosecution, they would have managed to generate more than one million euros in income between 2013 and 2018. Although it is estimated that the vast majority of these would be directly related to the sports website.

Thus, the stipulated compensation will be used to cover the damages of the material that infringed the copyright of different organizations, divided into 125,000 euros for LaLiga, 125,000 euros for Mediapro, 241,000 euros for ADIVAN (Association of Distributors and Importers National Video Graphics), and 9,000 euros for the AEVI (Spanish Association of Video Games). An amount that the defendant is required to pay over a maximum period of seven years.

Regarding the prison sentence, its conditional nature stands out, which implies that income will not have to be fulfilled if Miguel remains free of criminal charges in the next five years. In addition, the prosecution has issued a ban from operating or hosting any website for a period of two years.

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