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The Conjuring’ will have a spin-off series more chilling than the movies

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Plans are revealed to turn the Warren File: ‘The Conjuring’ cinematic universe into a chilling horror series. What part of the story will it tell?

The Conjuring Series
The Conjuring Series

Without a doubt, films based on the paranormal phenomena investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren have become one of the franchises that has caused the most terror on the big screen. Such has been the success of the Warren File: ‘The Conjuring’ cinematic universe that it could now become a series.

The film saga began with the movie ‘El Conjuro’ in 2013 and from that moment conquered the audience with the suspense of each of its stories, such as La Monja, La Llorona, the Annabelle doll In addition, ‘El Conjuro 3’ will be released soon : The Devil made me do it .

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If you are a big fan of terror and there is nothing that scares you, remember that in Claro video you can see in chronological order the films of the Warren File: The Conjuring saga. Start your marathon of fear with Annabelle 2: The Creation (2017), The Nun (2018), Annabelle (2014), The Warren File: The Conjuring (2013), with the option to purchase and rent, and end your afternoon with The Conjuring 2 : The Enfield case (2016) also available for purchase.

El Conjuro Annabelle
The Conjuring

The series ‘The Conjuring’ will cause chills

Sources close to Warner Bros have revealed that the stories of ‘The Conjuring’ are about to become a spin-off series that promises to be full of terror.  The project would show the events before the Warren marriage , his first works of paranormal investigation; it would also clarify the doubts left by the movies. Would it include new demons?

This would be a great option for all fans of the series; However, it is still unknown if Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson would return to their roles or if it will be a new adaptation with other actors. Does the idea of ​​being able to discover more about the Warren File: The Conjuring excite you ?

The Spell Investigators Warren
The Spell Investigators Warren

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