The complement (or companion) mode of Google Meet comes to Android to use the mobile phone as a second screen

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the complement or companion mode of google meet comes to.webp.webp.webp

Most video calling applications are based on the premise that everyone connects to it with their own account and from their own device, but that does not happen if, for example, you are in a meeting room where there are ten people. using the same video conferencing equipment. Two years ago, Google presented the solution: the Google Meet Companion Modewhich in Spanish has been translated as “Complement Mode”.

With Google Meet add-on mode, meeting participants who are using a room’s video conferencing equipment can join separately from a second device as a second screen, thus having options to interact individually. Until now it was available in the web version and in the Nest Hub Max and now it comes to Android phones.

The mobile phone as a second screen in meetings

If all the participants in a meeting are in the same room, then the videoconference is not necessary and if each one is at home (or in front of their computer), then it is normal for each one to enter with their own device. Complications come when some are in a meeting room and others are not since those who share the videoconferencing equipment (PC, camera, speakers, microphone, etc.) find it somewhat more difficult to interact individually except by talking or continually passing the mouse and control from one to another.

The fact is that lately Google Meet has introduced more and more ways to interact in meetings in addition to talking, such as reactions or simply raising your hand. Those who share a meeting room can access all of these features from the companion mode which allows you to access the meeting you are already in with a room’s video conferencing equipment, but with your own device.

This own device, which until now could only be a laptop and now can be your Android mobile, acts as a second screen in which you will not see the meeting itself or use the camera (that’s what the room equipment is for), but rather access the controls to interact in the meeting.

With it you can identify yourself in the meeting with your name, participate in the chat, in

This novelty is beginning to arrive at Google Meet for Android starting today, although it could take a couple of weeks at most for it to be active for your account. It will be activated as standard and available to all users.

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