The commitment to the Pixel Watch will be greater than expected, good for Google

The commitment to the Pixel Watch will be greater than expected, good for Google
the commitment to the pixel watch will be greater than

One of the things that is very clear that will be announced at the Google I/O event to be held in May 2022 is the arrival of the first smart watch from the Mountain View company called Pixel Watch. But, what was not known to date, is that the bet would be greater than previously thought. We tell you the reason for saying this.

The North American firm is carrying out all the usual steps to put a device of this type up for sale, including obtaining certifications. And one of those that cannot be missing is the Bluetooth, since this type of communication is basic in wearables when it comes to synchronizing both with phones and with other accessories (such as headphones). And it is in this entity where an interesting novelty has been seen.

Bluetooth GIS

This is none other than the existence of three models of the Pixel Watch. To date, it was speculated that the product range would have a single model, but from what is finally seen, Google will bet more strongly on the accessory so that it can compete with its rivals in the market (among which the Apple Watch or the Galaxy Watch). The nomenclature of each of them is as follows: GWT9R, GBZ4S, and GQF4C. The normal thing is to think that two will be WiFi with different storage options and, the third, the one that will include access to 5G mobile data. It paints pretty well.

A design that no longer has secrets

We say this because, in recent days, as you can see in the image that we leave below, images have been leaked that are of real use and that clearly show what the Pixel Watch will be like. Their rounded sphere It will be very different from the one offered by other models on the market and its large side button will attract attention, which indicates that it will be multifunctional.

Android Headline

The strap it will arrive with will be silicone, but there will be a wide number of options to change it. The size of the smartwatch aims to be quite convenient for use by all types of users (regardless of their height or width) and the panel AMOLED It will be tactile, which will make it easy to use. Therefore, there are no great novelties in the aspect beyond offering one that will be characteristic, and this is always important.

Soon there will be more news from the Pixel Watch

This is due to the fact that, if the usual thing in technology manufacturers is followed, the next step to take is to take the accessories to the entity FCC to achieve the corresponding certification and, in this way, be able to sell them in the US. Here, luckily, something else about the devices is usually known… such as dimensions, weight and, in many cases, even part of the hardware that is inside. And this will happen shortly, because the Google developer conference is very close to being held.


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