The command that Microsoft doesn’t want you to know and that allows you to install Windows 11 on any PC

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the command that microsoft doesnt want you to know and.jpg

windows 11

Installing our computer on Windows 11 is something that we have considered since Microsoft launched the new version of the operating system. But not all of us can do it and it is likely that you have a computer that is not compatible. Now, a command allows Microsoft not to do the hardware check by searching for the installation and allows you to install Windows 11 on any PC. We explain what this command is and how it is used.

To install Windows 11 on your computer, just go to its settings and find if there is a recent and updated version of the operating system and confirm that we want to install it. But you have to meet a series of requirements that allow us to do it and if your computer is not current or does not have the necessary hardware, you will not be able to do it. Luckily, there is a method to bypass this restriction and it is a simple command.

How to update

The first thing we must keep in mind is that Microsoft has warned users that using this method to update their operating systems is not the official method. What does this mean? The company, therefore, does not ensure the correct functioning of the system and may have consequences in the future because Microsoft threatens that future updates will not be released to improve the security of computers that follow this method. This may cause using the command to allow us to install Windows 11 but no Microsoft security updates Computers would be left exposed to network threats. A harsh warning for those users who want to skip the guidelines and still go ahead with the discovered trick.

How do we update even if we do not have compatible hardware? For those who are determined to try Windows 11 without worrying too much about the system requirements, there is a seemingly simple command with which you can update your operating system skipping the previous hardware check. Discovered and posted by user Bob Pony on Twitter, this is a command that would make us upgrade.

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Bob Pony


To ALL users that don’t meet the artificial requirements for Windows 11, I GOT SOME GREAT NEWS TO SHARE!
When adding “/product server” switch to setup.exe in the Windows 11 setup directory, it BYPASSES the Windows 11 hardware requirement checks.

October 10, 2023 • 17:02



To do this, all you need to do is use the command “setup/product server”. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps until we can use it. As? We simply have to run the update using a command in the Command Prompt of our computer.

  • We are going to Start on our Windows computer
  • We search CMD
  • It will appear in the list of available options
  • We right click and tap on “run as administrator”

Once here, we will have managed to open the CMD command prompt and we will only have run the command that we have mentioned. In CMD you need to use: setup/product server

In this way, you will avoid the system check that Microsoft does before the update and we will be able to have Windows 11 installed on any PC without problems.


If Microsoft requires a series of minimum criteria and requirements to upgrade to Windows 11, it does so so that all operating system options work smoothly. Skipping the hardware check will allow us to install the new version, but we may have problems when using the different tools since our equipment will not be really compatible and we can notice it in the performanceFor example.

In addition, Microsoft warns that there are no guarantees that incompatible devices will receive updates in the future but it has assured that Windows 10 will continue to have updates until 2025 so there is no problem continuing to use the version you have on your computer and dispense with some news.

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