The cheapest Chromecast with Google TV can now be bought, and its price is knockdown

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It was an open secret that the Mountain View-based giant was working on a new Chromecast cheaper and that would work with Google TV. The truth is that we already knew almost everything about this device and, against all odds, Google has already put its new product up for sale.

There has been no presentation, but directly this new player with Google TV has appeared in some American distribution centers such as Best Buy. Interestingly, Google has published a promotional video of its new Chromecast HD with Google TV.

And be careful, its launch price is a real demolition: $29.99, so we can expect that in Spain it will cost between 29.99 and €39.99.

This is the new cheap Chromecast with Google TV

At an aesthetic level, we can say little since it is a carbon copy of Chromecast 4K with Google TV. In this way we find the characteristic rounded design of this multimedia player from the American company.

In this case, the Chromecast offers Full HD resolution, but otherwise we see that it has the same benefits. From what it seems, it has an Amlogic S805X2 processor along with 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of RAM.

A very tight configuration that can cause storage problems in the future, so it is a detail to take into account. As you can see in the following link, you can already buy this equipment in the United States.

Regarding the launch in Spain, it is expected that this Chromecast HD with Google TV will land in our country sooner rather than later, although as Google has not made any official presentation we cannot confirm this information.

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A multimedia player that can be very useful for certain situations. Mainly because this type of equipment converts any normal television into a Smart TV. And the fact that it has Google TV is a value to take into account since you will have access to all the applications available in the Google ecosystem.

The problem is that the price in Spain It will be excessive: it is expected that you can buy the Chromecast HD with Google TV for 39.99 euros. A figure that does not leave Google in the best place, especially when Amazon’s Fire TV 4K has the same price and offers a better resolution.

Now, we just need to wait for Google to confirm the availability of this multimedia player in our country to confirm the price of the Chromecast in Spain.