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The cheap Tesla shows signs of life: its possible test date is known

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If everything that has to do with Tesla It catches your attention, it is sure to be striking to know that there is new data regarding the manufacturer’s expected compact model and that it would have a fairly low price. These have to do with the date this car would begin production to be tested.

According to the data that they have met, the prototype of the new car of the North American firm is already a reality and, at the moment, it is in the phase of deciding all the suppliers of components of the vehicle in question and carrying out a first assembly to start with the actual tests. In this way, it will be possible to know if the standards expected by the company are met and, also, what is offered to users after convincing as it happens with other Tesla models.

The fact is that the next EV of the firm created by Elon Musk could be launched on the roads in test form to end of this year 2021, which in principle would be a small advance with respect to the expectations that were had. The truth is that it will be necessary to see if this is fulfilled, since precisely the company we are talking about is not known for not meeting the dates for the better (in addition, practically all the details that surround this car have been kept secret, something which has generated great hype among the company’s followers).

The expected price of this Tesla car

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From what has been known, this being one of the few data that has been leaked, what this new compact electric vehicle would cost would be only $ 25,000. A fairly low figure and that would allow Tesla to attack a much broader market segment … something that would be worth it for significantly increase your potential sales. This, logically, is one of the things that are sought with this new model that is expected to be adjusted is what has to do with the motorization, but not with the software.

The cheap Tesla shows signs of life its possible test

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By the way, if you have any doubts regarding the availability of the future car of the North American manufacturer, all the data that have been known in this regard indicate that the availability will be worldwide… Which is very good news if you have been wanting to get an electric car from this well-known brand for a long time. Do you find the possibility of arrival of this car interesting taking into account the price that we have indicated before?

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