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The cheap Chromecast is just around the corner to compete with the Fire TV

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For some time there has been speculation about the possibility of a new Google’s Chromecast to the market. This would not be intended to replace the model that is currently for sale. What would be sought with it is to offer a more affordable device to increase the market share of the Mountain View company.

This idea makes all the sense in the world, since currently the firm in what has to do with multimedia players is having a hard time compared to Amazon’s Fire TVs, which have a wider product range and for this reason it is possible to find a model that adapts exactly to the technical and price needs that you have. Therefore, to remain a good purchase option, putting a cheaper device on sale is the logical solution.

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And what is the reason why Google has not taken this step before with Chromecast? Well, very simple: now is the time when you have a version of your operating system that is less demanding in terms of requirements -such as what has to do with internal storage-. Therefore, it was not a question of not wanting, but of not being able to with a minimum quality. But it seems, the time has come to take the step

A cheaper Chromecast with Google TV

This is exactly what the Mountain View company plans to do in the near future, and according to the data that has been known, the time when this product would be official would not be far off: a matter of weeks, since some distributors (at least in Germany) have already received the units that they will put up for sale. That is, you have all prepared so that the device occupies the shelves of the stores in the sector -or its corresponding web page-.


The device does not vary much in terms of its aesthetic appearance, it may be launched in some special color beyond white or pink, and the remote control included to handle Google TV would be the same. Therefore, physically there would not be much difference between this team and the previous one. Of course, it is possible that the storage does not reach 8GB due to the new version of the aforementioned operating system. And, most importantly, the maximum resolution that the Chromecast would offer would be Full HD, not 4K. Consequently, competition for the Fire TV without a doubt.

Price of this new player

Taking into account that it can be considered as the direct heir to Chromecast 3, it is normal that it costs more or less 40 euros, so we are talking about a significant drop compared to the previous model (which was launched at €69.99). Taking into account everything that the device will offer, the truth is that the quality/price ratio is interesting, and with complete certainty more than one will get this accessory to improve the operating system of their Smart TV or to convert to a traditional television. in a modern one that allows you to run all kinds of applications.

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