The chaos continues on Twitter: failures appear in the copyright system


It seems that Elon Musk has not yet found the key for Twitter to work as he would like since he took control of the company. Different movements that have been produced are not giving the expected result and even some functions that are basic do not work as they should. An example is that of copyright ownership. It has been known that the system that works in the background so that content that is protected cannot be uploaded to the social network, does not work as usual. And, therefore, some users have been able to skip it without much trouble. And, in addition, the solution and deletion of what is published takes much longer than what is desirable by those who are the owners of the copyright. One more stone on the road that Twitter is taking to be what Musk has in mind (and that, despite the fact that forecasts are made, nothing is clear… which is perhaps worst of all). What is happening on Twitter Well, some accounts, many of them have subsequently closed without the social network itself having to expel them, have been able to upload multimedia content that has copyright. There is no doubt about the latter, since, for example, the complete film The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift has been uploaded in two-minute videos. For this, more than 50 messages have been needed -no less-. And, during the process, nothing has been deleted (after more time than desirable, the content in question was deleted). Obviously, the company has to solve this, since otherwise it may have some kind of legal problem associated with it (especially considering that Twitter Blue allows you to upload videos of up to 40 minutes in length). In addition, the technical problem that has occurred and the slowness in fixing it, may be a side effect of the multitude of layoffs and departures from the company that has been happening since Musk has taken the reins. It will be necessary to see if those that remain on the ship are able to restore the desired operation. Return of accounts to the social network Some accounts that were expelled from Twitter will return to the platform if they so wish, and this has been announced by Elon Musk himself. The reason is that any type of speech is present on the social network and an example of options for which the veto is lifted are Donald Trump, Andrew Tate or Kanye West. We will see if this affects the credibility and good atmosphere among users. Of course, while some may return, others decide to leave the platform. An example is that the head of the Apple App Store, Phil Schiller, has decided to close his account and thus join the hashtag #RIPTwitter. And this is just one example of what is happening that, honestly, seems like absolute chaos. >

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