The brilliant invention that turns any cell phone into a microscope: it is the size of a card

the brilliant invention that turns any cell phone into a microscope it is the size of a card
the brilliant invention that turns any cell phone into a microscope it is the size of a card

The camera combinations in the best smartphones in photography have a very high level, and currently some devices have sensors as useful as the 5x zoom , which is ideal for when, on vacation, you want to photograph a monument or a distant figure.

Microscopic cameras have also played a leading role on Android thanks to phones like the realme GT 2 Pro  or the OPPO A98 , which have decided to integrate a sensor of this type to allow users to see all kinds of details in everyday objects that are impossible to see. see with the naked eye.


Now, a company is developing a project on Kickstarter in which they are trying to create a portable, microscopic lens that can be attached to the camera of any smartphone by simply sticking it on. This would allow any device to enjoy the virtues of this sensor.

Microscope for everyone

As with the telephoto lens, a microscopic lens can fit in the palm of the hand, and that is precisely the objective of this project: that anyone can carry their lens in their pocket and put it on their cell phone when they want to use this sensor.


To do this, you would only need to stick it right above the main camera, a simple mechanism that does not require couplings or a screw mechanism, as happens in some cases with an external lens. Of course, you would have to be careful not to get it dirty, for which it would include an envelope-shaped cover that would easily fit in any pocket.

According to project information, the iMicro Q3 , which is its official name, would have a vision of 1200x magnification , and would be capable of maintaining a lot of detail. To use it correctly, a kind of support would be included that would be able to make the camera completely straight, as happens in full-size microscopes. To use it it would also be necessary to have the flash activated.

The collaborations available in the project start at just over 30 euros, and have the promise of starting shipments in April 2024. Without a doubt, it is an accessory that can be interesting, but even so, it is quite niche , since it is not a utility that everyone may want.


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