The brilliant invention that turns any cell phone into a machine to do a medical checkup in seconds

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cyber ​​attacks on medical devices high risk awareness but little.jpg

This device is capable of making a detailed analysis of the user’s health status by simply bringing it to their forehead for a moment.


Turn your mobile into a device to take care of your health It’s getting easier. The interest of users in their health, both in Spain and in other parts of the world, is causing the most interesting accessories to emerge that allow tests such as an electrocardiogram to be carried out and have the results saved on the smartphone.

Typically, devices like the EagleView ultrasound are responsible for performing a single test. Now, Withings, a French company specialized in health devices, has launched a meter thanks to which it is possible to obtain information about four different variables, such as blood oxygen, temperature or heart rate.

His name is BeamO, he has a price of 249 euros and is capable of carrying out various tests by simply pointing to some parts of each person’s body thanks to its four health sensors. All of this is complemented by a mobile application in which you can see the results of said analyses. He is waiting to receive medical certification.

Detailed measurement

The Withings device stands out for gathering several types of sensors in the same device, which gives it a plus in terms of versatility. It is able to measure body temperature without contact, also heartbeat and lung function with its digital stethoscope, perform a clinical-grade single-lead electrocardiogram and measure blood oxygen level.

Each test is performed using different parts of the device, which is no larger than a smartphone. For the electrocardiogram, for example, all you have to do is put your fingers on two sensors, while the stethoscope works when you point it at the chest of the person you want to measure. Traditionally, analyzes with this type of device have been performed by healthcare personnel. This may mean that some users do not know how to use them. Therefore, the trial application includes tutorials to show how it works.


The company clarifies on its website that, for the analyzes to provide optimal results, they must be taken with the user sitting, and having previously rested. To view them it is necessary to download the mobile application for this device, this allows the connection to be carried out via Bluetooth or WiFi. This application is designed in a very similar way to the apps that are used to manage wearables and that also show the information that it collects throughout the day, although in this case, it is done in a somewhat more detailed way. It has a summary view in which the latest results are listed, dividing them by category.

The application is complete and includes the possibility of setting reminders for taking medications. This avoids the need to download an additional application for it. It can be used by up to 8 different users, each with their own results and profiles. The battery lasts about 8 months and is charged with a USB Type C cable that is included in the box.

Great advantages

This device can be a great help when measuring these variables, but it is important to keep in mind that a doctor’s interpretation is strictly necessary before taking any measure based on the information it offers.

One of the great advantages it has, if it is going to be used with other family members, is that it is possible to see alerts and changes in their profiles, in order to also be aware of how their health is. Withings indicates that pregnant women should consult their doctor before starting to use BeamO, and the minimum age to use it is 18 years.


The data that the application will offer is ideal for being aware of the state of one’s health, but it is a doctor who must analyze and use this data, so it is best to teach him or her when any data is worrying. In any case, the mobile application will also be able to notify the user if it detects any anomaly that requires urgent review.

On their website, they detail that the price of the device is 249.95 euros, but it will not be marketed, they hope, until summer 2024. This is because the company’s intention is to market this device as a medical device, and They are still awaiting certification from the European Union and the United States Food and Drug Administration. When it receives these certifications, it will go on sale as a medical device. The product website indicates that, as it is still in development, it is subject to changes regarding its release.

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