The biggest update to Waze in years adds six new features: better directions on roundabouts, warning of sharp curves and more

the biggest update to waze in years adds six new.webp.webp.webp
the biggest update to waze in years adds six new.webp.webp.webp

Google has just updated Waze with a series of new features that will greatly improve our routes with the application. Total, six changes will take Waze routes to the next level with more information, better notices and favorite routes.

Among the changes, stand out a better information on roundabouts, warnings of potholes, speed bumps or sharp curves and warnings with more time when you should reduce speed.

Better indications on roundabouts

The first change has to do with the roundabouts, which now indicate more clearly when you should enter the roundabout, which lane to stay in and what exit you should take.

This is one of the changes that will come to all users worldwidestarting with Waze for Android this month and Waze for iOS later.

Emergency services notice on the route

The second change has to do with notifications, one of the key functions of the application. We will receive Timely warnings when there is an emergency vehicle alert on the route, so that we have time to prepare.

This change will begin to reach Waze users for Android and iOS in United States, Mexico, Canada and France today and will later be extended to other countries.

Speed ​​limit reduction notice

Likewise, we will have more time to prepare when the maximum speed of a road is reduced, because the application will show us a warning before it happens so that we have time to slow down. This change will reach all Waze users for Android and iOS during the month.

Sharp corners, speed bumps and more

The Waze user community will be able to include more types of road hazard warnings in addition to those already present. They add the warnings of sharp curves, speed bumps and tolls, which will be especially useful for those who are not familiar with the area. This change will reach all Waze users this month.

More parking information

Waze, in collaboration with Flash, is going to show more information about public parkingincluding their prices, whether they are covered, whether they are wheelchair accessible, whether there are valet options, and whether electric vehicle charging stations are available.

This information will reach Waze for Android and iOS in more than 30,000 public parking lots in some cities in United States and Canada like New York, Chicago or Montreal.

Favorite routes

Finally, Waze surrenders to the evidence that sometimes we will want to continue the usual route even though it is not technically the best. Our “favorite route”, the one we usually use, will appear highlighted in the list of possibilities with information about traffic and possible incidents on its way. This change will be rolled out this month to all Android and iOS users.

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