The biggest threat yet to ChatGPT: it comes from Amazon and will be twice as smart

the biggest threat yet to chatgpt it comes from amazon.jpg
the biggest threat yet to chatgpt it comes from amazon.jpg

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is entering a phase in which big technology companies are crazy to take the cake, especially those generative text tools like ChatGPT. OpenAI and Microsoft right now seem to have the lead, with Google hot on their heels and now Amazon joining the race with its AI Olympus.

When Amazon comes to compete, it does not do so without making noise. It is estimated that OlympusAI will have two trillion parameters to be approximately the twice as intelligent as what GPT-4 is capable of processing right now.

The strengths of Olympus AI

Amazon is currently in the process of creating new software Conversational AI in an effort to compete with OpenAI and Microsoft in providing this technology to their customers. Amazon’s next big language model, known internally as Olympus, is expected to not only enhance its online commerce platform, but also boost features within the Alexa voice assistant on devices like the Echo and support its services division. Amazon website, one of the company’s most profitable.

Olympus, which Amazon Web Services could announce as early as December, is expected to surpass titan, a group of large Greek-named language models that AWS currently offers to cloud customers. As previously reported, AWS delayed the release of Titan last year due to its inferior performance compared to the language model technology behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

According to early reports, the exact date for the completion and deployment of Olympus remains uncertain. Currently, only the Titan model is available to AWS customers, primarily for developing applications with customization and search capabilities. Two additional Titan models, designed to help customers create applications that provide ChatGPT-like text responses or summarize long texts, are not widely accessible. AWS also offers large language models developed by Anthropic and other vendors.

It recently became known that Amazon is taking an important step in the field of artificial intelligence, investing up to 4 billion dollars in the well-known startup Anthropic. As part of the agreement, Amazon employees and customers of its cloud services will be among those first to have access to Anthropic technologies. This will allow them to integrate Anthropic’s capabilities into their products.

Twice as powerful as ChatGPT

However, with Olympus they are going all out and they do not plan to be overshadowed by ChatGPT as happened with Titan. Rohit Prasadthe chief scientist of artificial general intelligence and former director of Alexa, is overseeing the development of Olympus so that it can surprise the world.

The objective in presenting this new LLM is to leave the ChatGPT brand behind based on better performance. This new language model will have two billion parameters, while the figures for GPT-4 are one billion. To get an idea of ​​the evolution of these conversational intelligences in recent times, in GPT-3, the figure was 175 billion, so OlympusAI will be much, much higher.

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