The big changes that Samsung would be preparing to improve its next high-end mobile phones


The company would be preparing great innovations in the design of its folding phones and the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which would have titanium.


Samsung’s high-end range is among the most anticipated in Spain every year, and it is no wonder, since the company It has a very marked release cycle with the presentation of the Galaxy S at the beginning of the year and the presentation of the Galaxy Z, its foldable family, in the second half.

Looking ahead to the next generation of the company’s devices great news expected. The changes that the company could make to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 have been leaked, and the truth is that they look very good.

It has already come to light that Samsung could be working with AMD and Qualcomm to improve the graphical performance of its future high-end in games. In the case of the Galaxy S24, it would be better to considerably improve its screen and artificial intelligence would have more weight in the performance of the mobile.

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is compatible with the S-Pen, which is sold separately, this accessory can only be stored in the official case. According to patents leaked by Study and xleaks7, The idea of ​​the Korean company would be to place the pencil in the mobile itself. The same thing happens on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but in a different position.

The next generation of the mobile phone could have a slit in the back to place it, although there is also the possibility that it goes on the side. The Galaxy Z Flip also appears in these patents, but with a smaller S-Penwhich would also go on the side of the device, attached magnetically.

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Thanks to this integration you could enjoy a more immersive experience with the pencil. This would also come with improvements, such as another button, which would increase the possibilities when interacting with the phone. It remains to be seen if the company decides to apply this design, since having the pencil on the outside of the body of the mobile could cause accidental separation. Additionally, it could also contribute to an increase in thickness.

Besides, The Elec, has revealed that a change could be seen in the materials of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which would use titanium on its sides. Apparently Samsung you would already be working with your suppliers to apply this new material. This is a change like the one Apple has made with the iPhone 15, which also has this material in one of its versions.

For two years the brand has been looking for a way to use titanium in the body of its mobile phones. It’s a material lighter than steel and harder than aluminum. These leaks also ensure that the S24 Ultra would have a flat screen.