The big change on YouTube: revolutionizes your experience on mobile, web and Smart TV with dozens of new features

the big change on youtube revolutionizes your experience on mobile, web and smart tv with dozens of new features
the big change on youtube revolutionizes your experience on mobile, web and smart tv with dozens of new features

Humming songs, new tabs, a rich experience on Smart TVs or buttons that explode when you receive likes.

YouTube is getting pretty tough with some users switching from using history or simply using ad blockers. That point aside, it’s now going after releasing a big update that will modernize some of its experiences. And, apart from the redesign of some parts of the app, it plans to incorporate dozens of new features in the following weeks and today in Spain.

It is not that it is something completely new that YouTube improves some aspects of its interface, since last year it introduced some improvements, but now, apart from the visual tweaks, it has announced the arrival of the ‘You’ tab, stable volume and other new features which will be detailed below.

Stable volume in the mobile app will reduce the differences in volume that may exist between the different videos that are played one after the other. It usually happens that not all the videos that are uploaded are at the same sound level, so many times you have to upload them. This new feature will be activated by default and will normalize the volume between different videos. In fact, its deployment begins today in Spain.

News in interaction

The design of the video previews has been made larger when searching for one, making it easier to move between them to find the one you want. An extra in the design to generally improve the user experience of the app. Like the following that offer new gestures with which to interact with the app:

  • Ability to lock the player screen: false keystrokes or so-called ghost touches are avoided. This option is activated from the settings menu and you will have to keep your finger pressed on a part of the video to unlock it.
  • A new gesture to cancel a scrollto another part of the video to return to the playback start point and lift your finger the moment you feel a slight vibration.
  • Pressing and holding the playerwhen watching a video in full screen or portrait mode will activate the playback speed at 2x.

As for the streamers, and all those millions of followers who follow them, in the web and mobile version the two subscribe and like buttons will shake with a call animation when the creator asks users for this very action. recurring on their channels.

In fact, when followers click on the like button, an explosion with different flashes will be generated and the most liked comments will automatically rotate so that it is easier to read the most interesting ones. A gratifying novelty for content generators and their fans through the thousands of YouTube channels.

New animations for streamers on YouTube 9to5Google The free Android

Around these new features for content creators, YouTube has also added a new animation that updates the view counter and likes in real time during the first 24 hours after uploading a video.

‘You’ and hum songs

Among the dozens of new features, the new ‘You’ tab stands out, combining the  My Library tabs and the account page. It will be responsible for displaying videos, playlists, downloads and purchases made previously, as well as offering access to all settings and channel information. This novelty arrives today in Spain in both the web and mobile versions.

The new ‘You’ tab on YouTube 9to5Google The free Android

Aside from this new tab, YouTube also gets the ability to search for songs by singing, humming , or playing a snippet of music. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play, according to Google, to be responsible for matching the sound to the original recording. This novelty will be deployed in the following weeks on mobile phones and we will have to review it to see if it works really well.

YouTube on Smart TVs

Not everything is only for the mobile and web versions, but there is also something new for Smart TVs: a vertical menu is added for faster access to the video chapters, description and comments by clicking on the title of the video. Google also warns that the rest of the versions will also receive improvements in this regard to include a scrollable section with a cleaner design; with that miniature preview that perfectly visualizes where you are on the timeline.

This is how YouTube looks on Smart TVs 9to5Google The free Android

YouTube, according to 9to5Google , did not want to go into details about other news related to YouTube Kids , but will soon be applying them to improve the experience of the app for the little ones in the house. A wide variety of new features that begin to roll out today in Spain, while the rest will arrive in the coming days and weeks.


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