The big change in WhatsApp: this is how chats will now be organized using filters

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839926014 240717307 1706x960.jpg

WhatsApp has begun to activate filters in conversation chats for some users, allowing them to see only groups, unread ones, etc.

Although there are more and more ways to communicate digitally with friends, family, co-workers or even strangers, In Spain WhatsApp continues to be the reference application, even when talking to companies. This means that the chat list is rarely organized, and sometimes even a conversation has been skipped and not responded to.

This is what the company wants to solve with the latest innovation integrated in the trial version, but some users who have it installed are already being able to test it. Specifically, it has already been seen in version, which is already in the Play Store.

This new feature is reportedly in development, so It does not appear to all users who have that version installed, only to a few, through filtering on the company’s servers. If there are no major bugs, it is assumed that it will be seen on more mobile phones soon.

In the screenshot published by WABetaInfo you can see how there are three new buttons just above the chat list. This area does not seem to be the best, because it is far from the bottom bar, which is the one that is most within reach of the fingers when using a mobile phone with both hands, but surely the developers did not want to put two icon bars in a row.

The first of those buttons is the one that shows all conversations, and leave the listing as it normally looks. Then there is one that only shows the chats Not read. This is especially useful for those people who receive dozens of messages a day from different people and who may accidentally ignore one of them. The last button is the one that shows only the groups, which will be useful for those who coordinate many things through WhatsApp and need to use this type of joint chats.

Chat filter buttons

This test only shows three buttons, but it should not be ruled out that, if it goes ahead, there will be more in the future. For example, it would be interesting to be able to filter only by chats that have been used on the current day, or show only those of certain people, marking them as Favorites.

At the moment there are few people who have this function activated, but in the coming weeks its scope will expand. In order to receive it, in addition to waiting, you must have the beta version of WhatsApp installed, available on its website or directly in the Google Play Store.

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