The big change in Google Maps to save your favorite places: so you can personalize them

the big change in google maps to save your favorite.jpg
the big change in google maps to save your favorite.jpg

Google has updated Google Maps to allow us to customize our lists with icons that will help us make them easier to see.


It’s been a long time since Google Maps is no longer simply an application to guide us along the roads while we were driving. It continues to do that, and it does it very well, but the Google program has evolved and has become a kind of Swiss army knife that has to accompany us every time we go on a trip, to eat or to have a drink. In Spain, in fact, it is the most used location app.

Reviews have become very important, and the listings of the establishments help us to know the schedules, small changes that the owner wants to announce and even to be able to reserve a table. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

The latest Google Maps update arrived a few hours ago and focuses on allow further customization of lists. In this way, we can find the stores we have in them visually on the map and do it by icons, which is much faster and easier.

In order to put an icon in each list we simply have to edit it. To do this we have to open the section Saved from the main Google Maps screen, at the bottom. When we enter we go down and go to the lists there. Predefined lists cannot be edited, but we can create our own lists.

We click on Create a list and there we can give it a name, a description and choose the icon we want. And no, there is not a limited selection, but rather We can choose between winds of different emojis, to be able to customize the list thoroughly. When we do so, we will see how the stores in that list appear on the map with the icon we have selected, making it easier to distinguish what is what.

Custom lists in Maps

For now This customization only appears in the mobile application and not on the web, where even created and personalized lists do not appear. Google must improve the integration of these two service options so that the lists become more important than they currently are, and are shared and viewed like those of other applications such as Spotify.

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