The big change in Google Maps so that you never get lost when it gives you route directions

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Google Maps includes a new option to be able to see the directions when navigating in a much clearer way and even with the mobile phone locked.

Google Maps is the most awarded mapping and navigation application that can be used on Android, and it is not surprising. In Spain, it is receiving some news during the course of the Mobile World Congress related to Google Lens, but it might not be the only new thing seen on the platform.

And it seems that the company is launching, at least in some places, a function that it announced last 2023. With this, promises to improve the browsing experience offered to usersand even before starting this, since it will begin to show more information.

Some users can already enjoy this novelty with which it is possible to see the route directions even without unlocking the mobile, and it can be a great help on those occasions when the battery is low. Of course, it seems that you have to activate it from the app’s own settings.

New navigation in Maps

Google Maps has always done a great job when it comes to navigation and routes, and has such interesting options as scheduling a departure or arrival time to receive more precise directions based on regular traffic. Now, these evolve to be displayed even without starting the route or on the lock screen.

This feature is not exactly a surprise, since it was announced at the beginning of last 2023. Normally, to be able to see the directions in Google Maps it is necessary to start a route in navigation mode so that the device switches to this view and shows the entire route. information. However, now it will be possible to lock the screen and access them from the lock screen, and not only that, but also They will be accessible before starting the route.

New directions on Google Maps

This, in addition to greater comfort, provides greater security when browsing, since it prevents you from having to unlock your mobile to see any indication and Allows you to keep it off while walking or even while driving. This also means that on known routes, checking if you are going in the right direction is enough to combine the device’s lock screen.

In order to enjoy this feature, it is necessary to activate it from the application settings. To do this you just have to open Settings and go to the Navigation Settings area. After this you have to activate the switch Visible indicationssince this is turned off by default.

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