The big change in Gmail that copies WhatsApp: it will make it easier to reply to emails

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822678229 238913957 1706x960.jpg

Gmail’s next design will make replying to emails much more comfortable, showing the original text and showing all the options.

Whether or not you have a Google account, Gmail is the best application to manage email on Android phones. In part it is thanks to its multiple options in terms of the application’s design, thanks to which you can do things like change the default actions of notifications or the behavior when swiping on an email in the inbox.

Google introduces new features to the application from time to time, and that means that the improvement is constant and that users have the feeling that does not stop working on improvements. And one of the next features coming to the app is a chat view, which would mimic the look of instant messaging apps.

Among other things, this change would have the advantage of making responses to emails simpler and more intuitive, and It is already beginning to reach some users. However, being simpler will not eliminate the usual options offered by the manager while writing a new message.

New design in Gmail

Every time you receive an email in the Google Mail application and want to reply to it, the application opens a panel that takes up the entire screen. This has a text box and different fields that must be filled out before sending the response email, and can be useful for writing long texts.

However, it has the drawback that it prevents you from seeing the email you are replying to while writing, something that can sometimes be positive so as not to leave any points unresolved and to be able to observe all the nuances of the original message.

New Gmail design

A new interface of the application is making it possible for many users to read the email they reply to while writing. This is thanks to a design change that would place a text box at the bottom in which you could write to reply to any email quickly, in the purest style of WhatsApp and Telegram.

Along with this element there would also be others such as showing more options, a button to use emojis and a shortcut to use the classic view instead of this novelty, so it would also satisfy users who do not want to change the way they answer. to the messages.

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