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The beta launch of WhatsApp on various devices is imminent

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The beta launch of WhatsApp on various devices is imminent

It is one of the most anticipated functions of WhatsApp for a long time, the one that will allow us to use our account on other devices without having to touch the smartphone screen. Now, we have been hearing about it for so long that some people begin to think that we will never enjoy it. Or if? Now, we have had breakfast with some information that comes to tell us that it is getting closer and closer.

Remember that in recent weeks we have seen new evidence that the function is on its way, with screenshots that even showed the message download menus on the computer through its desktop or web application. And always, keeping the promise of those end-to-end encrypted communications.

Many functions already finished

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The main advantage of this cross-platform operation that WhatsApp will soon have is that It will not be necessary to have the mobile on or connected for us to continue reading or sending new messages. Right now, these web and desktop apps can only be synced with our account while the main device is on and with an active internet connection, or the service will be interrupted.

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WhatsApp multi-device support almost finished. WABetaInfo

This service will allow us to have it active on a maximum of four devices at the same time, they will work independently. Precisely, from WABetaInfo they point out that many parts of these functions are already completely finished, such as the synchronization of chats, the silence or the option to highlight relevant messages. However, they warn that some pending fringes are perceived and that could delay the launch a bit more.

Be that as it may, It is clear that the old desire to have WhatsApp on a tablet or iPad is diluted, Because as you can read on the screen that you have above, it is clearly specified that with this “WhatsApp on other devices” service, we will be able to “send or receive messages from the browser, the computer or the Facebook portal”. So there is no explicit reference to tablets.

Also, taking advantage of these new features of version, WhatsApp has opened a beta program to expressly test this new functionality, which has led those who have signed up to think that we are facing an imminent launch, much closer than we could all imagine. After all, between this new way of using the app on various devices and the dark mode, which one do you think is more important?

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