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The best YouTube channels with programming projects

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One of the best ways to learn to program and internalize everything we learn when studying a new programming language is to put it into practice. For this, there are a lot of YouTube channels with programming projects with which to learn by creating games or applications.

In these YouTube channels it is possible to find programming projects for all levels, with which to program from a simple calculator to a Super Mario Bros style game.

-Code with Ania Kubów: Ania Kubów shares with us many projects, with which to put into practice everything we learn about React, GraphQL, python or Javascript. In his channel he shares very entertaining projects such as an animated portfolio, an application to scrape web pages or program a Super Mario Bros. style video game.

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-Derek Banas: Although Derek Banas’s channel is more varied, since he shares videos of his online chess games and his investment experiences, Derek also has several videos in which he shares small programming projects, which we can imitate to learn or improve our skills in Python, Java or C ++.

-freeCodeCamp: It is one of the channels (and platform) with the best educational content, bootcamps and programming and web development tutorials. In addition, among the content they share, there is no shortage of projects, with which to launch our skills in all programming languages. freeCodeCamp has projects as simple as programming a calculator in Java, but it also has some complex ones, in which they invite us to create apps and games for the browser.

-Tech With Tim: Although he has varied tutorials and projects, for example to create a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Java, Tech With Tim’s projects focus on Python. In this sense, you can learn to create a chatbot, program a closed circuit television or create small projects with which to internalize the most common operators and orders.

-Migma: A channel in Spanish with varied content, where you will find reviews of peripherals and operating systems, tips to earn money on the Internet and, of course, projects to program. In this case, you will have videos with projects for beginners, as well as others for advanced users and for several languages ​​such as Python or JavaScript.

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-Apply: Another channel in Spanish where you will find some interesting tutorials, for example, one to work with JavaScript on blockchain and in which we can also find a lot of projects such as programming a memory game with React.js or creating subscription forms with Node .js or work with cookies and session logs with Node.js.

-Codecourse: In this channel you will find projects of various levels, from beginner to expert, so that you can learn to handle PHP and all its “frameworks” such as Laravel or Silex. For example, you can learn to create a shopping cart with PHP or program a social network using the language with which Facebook was made.


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