The best weather app for Android Auto is renewed with support for Coolwalk, more layers, alerts and more

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the best weather app for android auto is renewed with.webp.webp.webp

Time & Radar is celebrating its anniversary, since a year ago it made the leap to cars with support for Android Auto. It was, in fact, the first weather application for Android Auto that shows us the forecast on the map, compared to previous attempts such as Weatherology.

To celebrate its birthday, Tiempo & Radar has released an update

This is how the best Android Auto weather application improves

There are still few weather applications for Android Auto, but some are better than others. Weather & Radar was the first and therefore it is not surprising that it is also the most complete. The anniversary update makes it even better, because finally fits perfectly with Coolwalk and introduces new features.

The main change of the Weather & Radar update is that now Supports Coolwalk split screenso that it can be displayed full screen or sharing the spotlight with a second application, such as Google Maps.


It is not the only change, however. The app now includes interactive radars to explore the weather around you by moving the map to other places and additional layers are added: one for temperature and one for wind.

Another novelty are the weather alerts while drivingwhich will notify us in real time of adverse conditions such as rain

In addition, the application includes new customization options including being able to choose default layer that you want to be shown when you open the application, more options to adjust the scale of the map and the size of the texts. The Android Automotive version can also adjust the unit for temperature and time.

Weather & Radar: your forecast

Your free weather app with rain radar

More information | Weather & Radar

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