The best tricks when using an iPhone

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trucos al usar un iphone.webp.webp.webp

apply certain tricks when using an iPhone will help you get the most out of your iOS device. This applies if you have recently purchased a smartphone from the famous brand, or even if you are already an old user with a model that is already a few years old.

Your iPhone has unique features that are not in plain sight.

Some tricks when using an iPhone will help you to take advantage of relatively hidden functions. We’ve already gone over useful tips, such as how to access saved Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone or how to use a GIF as wallpaper. Now, with the following hacks you can further enrich your experience.

The best tips to get the most out of your iPhone

– Take photos when recording a video: Sometimes the need arises to take static captures of the moments that you record on video. On your iPhone you can do it without having to stop the recording. You just have to wait for the right moment and press the white button that appears on the right side of the recording icon.

– Enable guided access: is a unique and extremely useful feature if you don’t want a person to see beyond what you want to show them on the screen. Simply, enter your iPhone settings and set a password in the guided use section. Now you have to triple press the side button of your device to freeze the screen.

– Use your iPhone to measure: Measure is an app installed by default that turns your iPhone into a measuring instrument. Enter the app, match the white point with the start point of the measurement and tap “Add”. Now move the iPhone to the end of the measurement and press “Add” again. You can now see the value in the unit of measure you want.

More interesting tricks for iPhone

– Calibrate the brightness of the flashlight: This trick will help you not to be blinded by the flashlight of your mobile. Access the control center of the iPhone and hold the flashlight icon. Next, you will see four levels of brightness, select the one that best suits the environment in which you need to use the tool.

– Take photos with the volume buttons: It can be very useful to avoid having to press the shutter and prevent the device from falling out of your hands. You just have to press the volume down or up button.

Also, to capture a burst of photos, go to the camera settings section and choose the volume down/up button. Now hold the button that you have configured.

– Receive notifications at a specific time: is a great alternative to focus mode. Go to settings, open the notifications section and choose the scheduled summary option. Select the apps and set a specific time to receive summary notifications.

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