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The best tricks to play Rocket League Sideswipe

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Rocket League Sideswipe is one of the great classic cars for PC and consoles. However, this game is much more than that, since its particular premise also makes it one of the best soccer games.

In addition to making your car look cool, stunts in Rocket League help you throw off your opponents while carrying out your strategy.

Rocket League Sideswipe mobile version is one of the best titles compatible with 90 and 120 Hz screens and a great challenge due to its touch controls. You can still use controllers, but there’s nothing like learning the best setup tricks, strategies, and different types of kickoffs to play like a pro from your smartphone or tablet.

Tips to get more out of Rocket League Sideswipe

– Disable Joystick Air Roll: Doing barrel rolls with the car makes you look cool and you can even make your opponents think that you have mastered the game. However, the joystick to perform these types of tricks is not functional at all, which is why the best players prefer to disable it.

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– Learn to play with three fingers: This is crucial advice, because if you get used to playing with only your thumbs, you will hardly notice any improvement in learning and using advanced techniques. That is why it is important that you use three-finger (claw) controls, that way you will achieve a higher rate of actions per minute.

– Activate the jump boost option: In Rocket League Sideswipe there is a button that is used to boost your car when you make jumps. However, this is not available by default, so you will have to activate it from the advanced settings menu.

– Master the kickoff: It may seem like a simple move, but it could give you a lot of advantage if you take advantage of it. Professional players have developed a wide variety of techniques on which they base their strategies to be dominant from every kick-off. Among these tactics, the pancake, the brodoff, the Spanish kickoff, among others, stand out.

– Practice different shooting styles: much of the success in Sideswipe comes from your ability to fool your opponents. So, in addition to learning different types of kickoffs and flips, a good way to be unpredictable is to build up your repertoire of shooting styles. To achieve this you can try shots of red, purple, gold, white, etc. Remember to do it in the practice room before going to the qualifier.

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