The best tricks to play Fallout Shelter

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trucos para fallout shelter.webp.webp.webp

He survival game in post apocalyptic world Fallout Shelter has numerous tips and tricks to help you improve your game performance. The title is part of the simulation offer and the free-to-play games model that allows you to manage shelters in the dangerous universe of the Fallout saga. From 2015 to date, the game has received exciting updates and is still going strong, promoting role-playing, sci-fi, and simulation elements.

The Fallout action-RPG saga triumphs on mobile with Fallout Shelter.

This list of tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter can help players get better results while surviving the mutant threats of the title. Plan your shelter, gather resources with the least possible danger and defeat enemy creatures while saving the survivors of the apocalypse.

The best tricks for Fallout Shelter

Most Vault enclosures can be expanded and combined. A good way to improve your performance in Fallout Shelter is to think about the template and the connection between rooms before you start building. Elevators are most efficient on a single line, you can leave empty spaces for future expansion and create fluid movement between areas.

-Use the leftover weapons to equip your inhabitants: One of the best Fallout Shelter tricks to protect your inhabitants is to equip them with the weapons that are left over. It’s very tempting to scrap them and sell them for credits, but it’s always best that all your inhabitants have at least one weapon to defend against attacks. With all equipped proceed to sell the surplus.

-Manage the inhabitants from the list: To improve orders and efficiently manage your inhabitants, it is recommended to use the List of Inhabitants screen. The window allows you to use tabs and boxes with the most important information and in real time on the status of each character.

– Improve productivity using clothes: Another of the tricks to play better in Fallout Shelter is to correctly equip the clothes of the inhabitants. Each garment modifies some specific parameters among the inhabitants. Depending on the objective and task they have, one piece of clothing may be more efficient than another. It is important to take the time to analyze which clothes are more favorable.

The Mysterious Stranger

A random three-note sound effect warns of the presence of the Mysterious Stranger in the shelter. In case it appears, you can click on it or touch it on the screen to receive rewards. It will only be around for a few seconds, so you have to find it quickly.

-The more inhabitants, the more dangers: The level of danger and threats in Fallout Shelter increases when we have more inhabitants. It is not recommended to exceed 60 inhabitants until we are well prepared for the threat of the Deathclaws. They are very dangerous mutant monsters and can destroy your entire advance if you don’t defend the accesses correctly.

Explore the desert to level up faster

Among the tricks to upgrade quickly in fallout shelter, one of the most widespread is to explore the desert. In this scenario full of dangers, it is possible to find resources while gaining experience in combat. You have to invest a little to equip the inhabitants before going out into the desert, otherwise they quickly die from radiation.

-Fallout Shelter cheats to earn more CAPS: The in-game currency, CAPS, can be obtained in different ways. Remember to complete daily objectives, finish quests and objectives, explore the wasteland, and find the Mysterious Stranger. You can also watch banner ads in the app, generating a small CAPS gain based on the duration of each ad.

-Training of inhabitants: Lastly, to get citizens with better stats, don’t forget to do the training together. Training actions have better results if we put several inhabitants to train in the same training room. It is a way for them to mutually nurture their knowledge and skills.

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