The best tricks to play Candy Crush


Upon its release in 2011, Candy Crush quickly became not only one of the most popular pastimes among Facebook users, but also one of the most downloaded mobile games ever.

Don’t lightly activate power-ups like the jelly fish, lollipop hammer, or holiday booster.

Thanks to the fun premise that allows it to be much more than just a match-3 game, Candy Crush continues to be one of the most addictive titles today. However, the countless secrets -and more than 2,000 levels- that this video game has make succeeding in it not an easy task. That’s why here you will find some of the best tricks to become a master candy crusher.

Tips to win in Candy Crush

– Disable boosters before an easy level: remember that Candy Crush power-ups are extremely limited resources. For that reason, it’s crucial to disable them before starting a level where you know they won’t be needed. Otherwise, later on they will not be available to take advantage of in difficult levels.

– Start with the jelly in the corners: In a level where the objective is to destroy all the jelly, it is best to start with the corner boxes. The reason is very simple, the jelly in the corners always causes more problems when it comes to finding a combination of candies that can destroy it.

– Analyze the board before making the first move: Each level of Candy Crush has elements that are more difficult to remove than the rest. That is why it is recommended to take a good look at the board before starting the game, detect these more complex elements and start making combinations to finish them off as soon as possible.

– Ignore the suggestions: when you take a few seconds to make your next move, the system shows you a hint of the move you can make. Said recommendation is random and could make you overlook any other more convenient move.

– Create more special wrapped candies: In Candy Crush there are levels whose main requirement to overcome them is to reach a certain amount of points. In this case, specially wrapped exploding candies can earn you much more points.

– Play with unlimited extra lives: It is about the famous trick of changing the time of your device. You simply have to go to the settings of your smartphone or tablet and advance the clock about two hours. So you won’t have to wait all that time until the five lives are restored.

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