The best trick so that the copy of WhatsApp does not give you memory problems in your main Google account

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This is the best way to ensure that the backup of the most used messaging application in Spain does not take up space in your Google account.

December 1 has been the day chosen by WhatsApp to stop supporting several phone models, already rarely used, that are no longer compatible with the application. Furthermore, that same day has been chosen for the backup of the app, which is normally linked to the phone’s Google account, starts taking up space on it.

Luckily there are ways to make that backup much smaller, but If you want to keep it, you will have to continue using certain space in the Google account. At least if you don’t want to give up having backup copies of the application’s chats, something that many don’t care about but that many others value when using the application as a work tool.

There is an option of continue keeping the backup but without it taking up space in the Google account that is normally used, the one you have for Google Photos, or for Gmail. It is simply a matter of using (or creating if you don’t have) a secondary Google account and putting it on your mobile.

How to set up a second account

Many people do not know that they have a Google account, an email account, linked to their mobile phone, but it is a requirement of the company if they want to download applications from the Play Store, save photos in Google Photos, etc. Despite that, many people do not use it consciously.

To create a second Google account you have to go to the mobile Settings and navigate to the Google section. Once there you have to click on the email and select the option Add another account. When the Login interface appears, click on the Create account text, in blue, in the lower right corner and follow the steps.

Create Google account

Once this is done on the mobile there will be two accounts (unless there were more before). The main one is the one that is used for everything, This new one will be configured in WhatsApp so that its storage is used for backup of application data.

Setting up WhatsApp

To change the account in which you want to make backup copies, you must open WhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots icon from the upper right corner. In the menu that opens you must select the option Settings. Then it goes to Chats and finally click on Backup.

Choose Google account

When you enter that section you have to click on the option Google account, which should have the old email right below it. Clicking on it opens a menu in which the new email account just created appears. One has to select it and click on the button Allow that appears on the screen. After that, that account will appear under the Google Account section and it will be confirmed that this is where the WhatsApp backup data is being saved from that moment on. They will no longer take up space in your Google account.

Finally, to delete the data in the main Google account, you would have to go to the Google Drive website, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, and there select Setting. In the section called Manage applications Let’s search WhatsApp. Within that section you have to click on Options and then in Disconnect from Drive.

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