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The best top-of-the-range Android smartphones in June 2020

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June 2020 is now coming to an end. The smartphone market is particularly lively in this period: here are all the news.

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The month of June is about to leave and we are in the middle of 2020. The fans of the smartphone world are still discussing the price of the top of the range, focusing on the reasons that led to the current increase in costs, which makes the devices of high-end more and more expensive. Some users react, as often happens, “belly-up”, stating that manufacturers simply want to earn as much as possible. From a certain point of view, this aspect is intrinsic to the very nature of the market and nobody doubts it, but on the other side, there are technological innovations and a significant global situation. A smartphone that has made many fans think is RedMagic 5g. On paper, it’s practically the perfect device: top-of-the-range performance at 579 euros. But then the software is untreated and brings with it some important bugs, which show how much the big companies invest in research and development. In short, the truth is probably always in the middle and you will hardly be able to make someone change your mind, neither on the other side. However, we all agree that top-of-the-range devices require a certain budget, which not everyone can afford. Among other things, according to the latest data from Counterpoint, among the 5 best-selling top of the range, 4 are iPhones. Analyzed once and for all the question, let’s see which ones “technological jewels” able to make fans of the smartphone world fall in love in the last few weeks, reminding you that the prices taken into consideration are only those of Amazon Italy and the official websites of the manufacturers.

OnePlus 8 Pro

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A smartphone that aims to satisfy the most demanding users, also including elements that in the past had been a little “snubbed” by OnePlus. This is probably the best description for OnePlus 8 Pro, which according to many marked the passage of the Chinese company from “flagship killers” to the actual top of the range, price included. In fact, the cost of the smartphone is set at 879 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (8 / 128GB). Among the innovations introduced by the device, we find the IP68 certification (expected for years by a certain type of users). There is also an excellent display with 120 Hz refresh rate and a complete connectivity compartment (there are 5G, Wi-Fi 6, NFC and USB Type-C 3.1, only the audio jack is missing). The 30W wired and wireless charging is also interesting.

For the rest, the main strengths of OnePlus 8 Pro lie in the excellent performance, in the exceptional screen, in the photographic sector that does not disappoint expectations, in the classic software department.

Too bad only for autonomy not exactly at the level of other flagships and for the internal memory, which is not expandable. Surely the price is not for everyone and this is also why OnePlus is about to announce the Z series. In any case, the top of the range of the Chinese company is certainly one of the best solutions on the market. If you want to go down a bit with the price, don’t forget the basic model, which we have analyzed our review of OnePlus 8 (the starting cost, in this case, is 650 euros through dealers in the 8 / 128GB variant, but there are several waivers to do).

OPPO Find X2 Pro

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OPPO Find X2 Pro is a smartphone that aims in all respects at the top, thanks also to the exceptional screen with 120 Hz refresh rate and ColorOS 7.1, software customization that finally comes out of the “eastern borders” and winks also at us westerners. The strengths certainly do not end here: we find excellent performance, a good constructive solidity, an interesting photographic sector, an autonomy that does not disappoint expectations and a complete connectivity sector (there is no shortage USB Type-C 3.1, NFC, 5G , Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac / ax and Bluetooth 5.1).

The only flaws are to be found in some inaccuracies on the video side and in the absence of Dual SIM (not even through eSIM), wireless charging and the audio jack, which however is now disappearing from many devices. For all the details of the case on this model, we refer you to our review of OPPO Find X2 Pro. If you are interested, find the smartphone at 1150 euros on Amazon Italy (12 / 512GB).

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Definitely the Samsung Galaxy S20 family of devices needs no introduction, especially in Italy, where the brand has been consolidated for a long time. Just know that the S20 Ultra can be described as the spearhead of the South Korean company’s smartphone range. The name says it all: it is that device that does not compromise even as a joke. Samsung Galaxy S20 has an exceptional display with 120 Hz refresh rate and an excellent photographic sector. In addition, the South Korean company solution can boast excellent OneUI software customization. Do not underestimate the complete connectivity department (Wi-Fi 6 and 5G also present). If you need more information, you can refer to our Galaxy S20 Ultra review.

In case you are wondering, the autonomy is all in all good, but do not be “fooled” by 5000 mAh, in reality, the result is a little lower than what you can expect. Too bad also for some inconvenience related to the release sensors, which occasionally lose some detection.
In any case, Galaxy S20 Ultra definitely deserves a position in this ranking, given that it is able to satisfy even the most demanding users. The smartphone is sold for 1070 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (12 / 128GB).

Google Pixel 4 XL

If you are looking for a smartphone other than those proposed so far, take a look at Google Pixel 4 XL. The philosophy of the Mountain View company provides innovation and support, two very important aspects for a top of the range. The innovation, in this case, consists of features such as astrophotography and Motion Sense, while it has already been announced that the software updates for this device will continue until October 2022. Furthermore, obviously behind Android there is Google and therefore it is assumed that the Pixels are always in pole position, even during the Beta of Android 11 (let’s not forget the Developer Preview). In short, by buying this device you can project yourself into the future and this is a godsend especially for the most “geek” users.

It is, therefore, a device to be taken into consideration, as we told you in our review of Google Pixel 4 XL.

Having said that, in addition to the praises on the software side, the smartphone finds its strengths in the excellent build quality, in the performance, in the screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and in the exceptional photographic sector.
There are certainly some flaws, such as the lack of the audio jack, the non-expandable internal memory and the autonomy only in the average, but as we have already said Google is projected towards the future, an aspect that is confirmed by the presence of support for eSIM ( in reality there are those who do not see this aspect very well since there is only one “physical” slot for the SIM).

The connectivity department is complete: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5, USB Type-C 3.1, wireless charging and NFC are in place. In short, Pixel 4 XL is a smartphone that you either love or hate. The price is set at 899 euros on the Google Store (6 / 64GB). It must be said that lately, we have already started talking about the Pixel 5 range, which could arrive later this year, so do your calculations well, if you are interested.

Special mentions: RedMagic 5G, Realme X50 Pro 5G and folding smartphones

The world of top of the range smartphones is churning out one valid device after another. We must, therefore, exclude, of necessity, devices of the calibre of OPPO Find X2 Neo, Huawei P40 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, just to mention some of the “excellent names” that have been somewhat put aside by the smartphones that we have analyzed previously. On the other hand, the market is chock full of solutions and a skimming must obviously be done.

This month, however, we want to talk quickly about two devices that we have tested and that we believe are particularly valid. We are talking about RedMagic 5G and of Realme X50 Pro 5G.

The first is an excellent smartphone for those who want to aim at gaming without having to spend exorbitant amounts (the price of 579 euros on the official website, 8 / 128GB), as you can read in our review of RedMagic 5G. The second device, on the other hand, is the true flagship killer of mid-2020, that device which, although not reaching in all respects the “real” top of the range, still manages to convince in practically every point of view, thanks to the excellent ratio quality/price (the cost is 599.90 euros on the official website, 8 / 128GB). For all the necessary information, we refer you to our review of Realme X50 Pro 5G.

If you are a user with a particularly high budget, it is worth remembering that folding smartphones are also a reality in Italy. In particular, the devices of this type that arrived in our country are Huawei Mate Xs (2599 euros on Amazon Italy), Samsung Galaxy Fold (about 1850 euros on Amazon through resellers), Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (1520 euros on the official website) e Motorola RAZR (€ 1599.90 via WindTre). We have had the opportunity to test the first two properly, as you can read in our review of Huawei Mate Xs and that of Galaxy Fold. In addition, we got our hands, but for less time, also on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (here the first look) and Motorola RAZR (here the article). In short, if you want to deepen the topic, find all the relevant information directly on these pages.

Market choice: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

This month there is no Android smartphone above 500 euros in the Amazon Italy Bestsellers ranking. This is probably also due to the issue we addressed in the introduction: the budget required for flagships is increasingly important and not everyone can afford those figures. For this time, therefore, in the absence of “certain” data, we decided to keep the device of this price range as “market choice” which was the best selling last month or Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

A few weeks have certainly not changed the cards on the table and the smartphone continues to convince for its strengths, from the excellent constructive solidity to the good photographic sector, passing through a display that does not disappoint expectations, for a good software sector and for the complete connectivity department (there are NFC, USB Type-C 3.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax and Bluetooth 5.0). Too bad only for a range not exactly the best, for some deburring on the unlock sensors side and for a launch price that has been a little “criticized” by users. However, we always go back to the usual point, “quality pays” and if you can aim for the top, this Galaxy S20 Plus is definitely a good solution at a cost of 850 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (8 / 128GB).

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Upcoming Arrivals and Announcements: From LG V60 ThinQ 5G to Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The most “avid” fans will probably already know this, but the last few weeks have been very intense on the smartphone side, including market launches, announcements and myriads of rumours and leaks. Real chaos of information, including even insiders is now struggling to extricate themselves. So let’s try to unravel the intricate skein of the top of the Android range that has appeared in recent weeks.

Starting from the devices already announced (some, by the way, have already arrived on the market), they should be mentioned LG V60 ThinQ 5G (the price of 999.99 euros, more information here), Huawei P40 Pro + (no Google services, cost of 1399.90 euros, more details here), LG Velvet (649.99 euros with Dual Screen, cover and wireless headphones included if purchased by June 30, 2020, here more information), Sony Xperia 1 II (1199 euros, more details here, but watch out for the preorder bonus), Motorola Edge Plus (1199 euros, more details here), Huawei P30 Pro New Edition (there are Google services, € 849.90, more information here) and HTC U20 5G (announced for the Taiwanese market, the presentation video here). In short, there are many models to be explored.

However, it certainly isn’t over here, given that several top-of-the-range smartphones are expected to arrive in the coming months. Here we enter the field of noises and leaks, but you just need to know that there is already talk of the folding Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (could be presented on August 5, 2020), Huawei Mate 40 (possible launch in October, but there is conflicting information about it), Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (always expected on August 5, during the rumoured Unpacked summer event), Google Pixel 5 (it should arrive in October, but there are rumours of a possible delay), ASUS ROG Phone III (will be announced in July) e Lenovo Legion Phone (the latter model should also be unveiled in July). In short, smartphone enthusiasts certainly cannot complain, given the devices involved.

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