The best Street Fighter-like games for mobile

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If you like fighting games, you surely know Street Fighterone of the most popular and emblematic sagas of the genre.

Here are some titles that will help you calm your cravings if you haven’t been able to play Street Fighter 6 yet.

However, when it comes to trying other options that offer a similar experience to Street Fighter on mobile, the reality is that in the app stores you can discover a lot and nothing at the same time.

For this reason, in the following selection you will find some of the fighting video games that can give you almost as many hours of fun as the iconic Capcom title.

The best mobile games like Street Fighter

– Streets of Rage 4: it is the remastering of the classic game released 25 years ago. It’s the typical beat ’em up, so you simply have to choose a character and go through levels defeating your opponents. This version for smartphones includes a good variety of game modes and its gameplay is quite fluid.

– Shadow Fight Arena: is the most recent installment of the popular saga of fighting games developed by NEKKI. This title features a wide variety of characters that you can customize, intense one-on-one battles, online multiplayer mode, and local play. Also, something very interesting is that it offers you the possibility of monetizing your fights.

– Injustice 2: a game capable of pleasing the most loyal fans of DC and at the same time fans of fighting videogames in the style of the mythical Street Fighter. Injustice 2 features powerful graphics, different game modes, special items, and regular updates that include new characters based on the films in the franchise.

–The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: With over 200 characters from the original series, this game is one of Street Fighter’s storied rivals. You will be able to create your own team of fighters and face other players online or the AI. It’s also beat’em up, its graphics are very detailed and the fighting is fluid and dynamic.

–Final Fighter: this game is a tribute to the classics of the genre, with characters inspired by other franchises such as Tekken, Guilty Gear or Street Fighter itself. Its graphic section is impressive, with light and shadow effects and even realistic animations. The combats are very technical, with low, medium and high blows, grabs, combos and special moves. Includes online and offline modes.

– Street Fighter IV Champion Edition: Finally, we could not fail to mention the mobile game that is most similar to Street Fighter. This is an adapted version of Street Fighter IV, the game that gave the series new impetus in 2008. Champion Edition has 32 characters to choose from, including the classics. The graphic section is very faithful to the original and its touch controls respond quite well.

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