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The best personal assistants for Android mobiles

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The personal assistants They are useful for doing various kinds of activities, be it setting an alarm, scheduling a task on the calendar, making calls, and even taking dictation to save specific notes. They can even now be integrated into smart homes to activate home lights, enable locks, turn on the radio, and much more.

Siri opened the doors of the market for virtual assistants to become a must-have for phones.

These are the best currently so you can find one that suits your demands and pace of life.

–Google Assistant: It comes installed by default on Android phones and is the most competent virtual assistant. It has the ability to anticipate your voice commands, you will activate it from anywhere, it has Google Now on Tap, among others. Best of all, they are constantly updating it to optimize its features and add more useful tools. If you want to disable Google Assistant, you can do that too.

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Android Assistants

–Amazon Alexa: to use it you will need an Amazon Fire or Amazon Echo device. The Android app will help you control any compatible device, but it won’t do much more. In its ecosystem, Alexa has the ability to search the web, integrate with smart home devices, make calls, schedule tasks on the calendar, and more.

Personal assistants for Android

–DataBot: its strong point is that it has cross-platform support. The interface is intuitive, the most important tools are at hand, and it includes a chatbot. It is not the most intelligent AI on the market, but it is simple to use and effective, ideal for specific things.

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Personal assistants of 2023

– Extreme Personal Voice Assistant: a perfect app for everyday because it performs Google searches, it will help you take selfies, it can find directions and it will also find the latest news so you can have it all in one place. It is a secure platform that will shield the searches and calls you make through the app.

personal assistants for smartphones

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–Hound: covers the basics of any virtual assistant. But it does have productive features like a mortgage calculator, Expedia’s built-in support for hotel bookings, and SoundHound Now. This function is designed to search for special karaoke music or to listen to specific tracks.

AI for mobile

– To do list: It is based on creating an organized task list so that you do not forget what you have pending in the week. You’ll set alarms for reminders, schedule special dates, add notes, and more. It will also give you weather data and search for information on Google on any topic you require at the moment.

mobile virtual assistants

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