The best mobiles to give away at Christmas 2022


Christmas is closer than ever, so it is time to think about buying a new mobile to take advantage of the discounts that they give in the last month of the year. Currently, the market has a large number of options, but some smartphones that stand above the rest can be had at a good price.

It is important to choose the right phone to invest the money in a device that will stay up to date for several years.

Here we have prepared a list with the best mobiles that can be bought right now. They stand out for being very powerful, capable of running demanding games and heavy applications. In addition, they also shine in the photographic section, offering images full of details that perfectly portray reality.

– iPhone 14: the iPhone 14 is a mobile that is not necessary for someone who has version 12 or 13. Now, if it is about updating a phone that is more than four years old, it is a perfect option. It can be obtained from 999 euros and its quality is not up for debate. The smartphone is very fast, the cameras are excellent and it will receive updates for five years, little more can be asked for.

Best mobiles to buy at Christmas

– Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro: either one is a great option. The normal model is around 700 euros, while the Pro is around 780-850 euros. It should be noted that the front and rear cameras are among the best on the market, its design is very nice and it has stock Android (there is no annoying customization layer).

Best mobiles to buy at Christmas

–Google Pixel 6A: a budget phone that’s a solid choice. Despite its price, the camera does a remarkable job with photos, and it also has the power to run any type of game and application, which is good news. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Pixel 6A is at the top of the market.

–OnePlus 10T: Certainly, the Chinese manufacturer is not going through its best moment, but the 10T is an effective mobile. Its price is around 650 euros and it has a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset inside. The screen is 6.7 inches and the refresh rate reaches 120 Hz.

phones for christmas

– Samsung Galaxy S22: a mobile that has it all, a screen that looks great, top-level cameras and performance worthy of a high-end. As if that were not enough, its price ranges between 600 and 650 euros, so, for what it offers, the cost is quite balanced.

Smartphones to buy in the Christmas month

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