The best mobiles for children [2023]

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Acquire mobiles for children It is a good decision as long as its use is subject to adult supervision and the minor is educated to know the risks that its use may entail. It is the responsibility of parents to decide at what age they buy their children the first mobile.

One of the advantages of your child having a mobile is that thanks to it you can always know where the child is.

But if that time has come, it will be necessary to take into account some aspects when choosing the right device, such as the manufacturing quality and its features. Also the price, so some of the cheap Android phones and even some of the best 5G phones on the market can be good choices.

In addition to the brand and power of the device, when choosing mobiles for children you must take into account their size. And it is that a smartphone that is too large can be uncomfortable for their little hands. Here you will find the best options.

The best smartphones for kids and teens

–Google Pixel 6A: one of its strengths is its affordable price. Google’s Pixel 6a also stands out for its adequate 5.5-inch screen with IP67 certification. In addition, this mobile has a 6 GB RAM memory that will allow the kid to open several applications for his school tasks. It also includes a multi-year warranty on software updates.

–Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: its AMOLED screen may be too big for a child. That is why this Galaxy is more recommended for teenagers. The best thing about the A53, in addition to its powerful 5G processor and 64 MP main lens rear camera, is its IP67 splash resistance certification.

Mobiles for children of 2023

–iPhone SE (2022): Its small 4.7-inch panel with 60Hz refresh rate is ideal for a child. More importantly, the fact that this iPhone has the powerful A15 Bionic chip makes it perfect. Not only that, the iPhone SE has an autonomy that allows more than a day of use and also guarantees software updates for several years.

Mobiles for children that are efficient

– Motorola Moto E6: In addition to a comfortable 5.5-inch screen, the Moto E6 integrates a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa Core processor that allows smooth performance. Your Android 9 operating system may be a bit old. However, its waterproof casing and the possibility of expanding its internal storage to 256 GB via Micro SD card are great news.

Smartphones for kids

–Nokia 3310: If you want to give your child a mobile with a retro style, but of good quality, the Nokia 3310 is an excellent alternative. The most up-to-date version of this mobile has a plastic casing and a 2.4-inch curved polarized screen. Its battery allows days of use and, of course, it comes with Snake installed.

smartphones for kids

– Moto G Power (2022): It is another of Motorola’s affordable mobiles. Its MediaTek Helio G37 chip can handle all the basic tasks. Meanwhile, its 6.5-inch screen offers more than acceptable fluidity thanks to its 90 Hz refresh rate.

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