The best mobile dating simulator apps


Life simulator games are very famous on Android, such is the case of The Sims, they offer many possibilities for players to create the life of their dreams. But the truth is that, as far as mobile phones are concerned, you can go one step further with the dating sims.

There are many dating games, but it is really difficult to find titles that deliver what they promise.

Dating sims are very varied, they can be visual novels, puzzles, chat platforms with artificial intelligence and more. Because there is a great diversity, here we will say which are the best of the moment, those that are fun.

– The Arcana: it possesses some visual novel elements and the story takes place in 21 episodes, various collectibles and multiple characters that are made to simulate the romance of dating. It should be noted that the soundtrack is quite good.

– YAGS and ZAGS: a very complete simulator made for gay men. The title includes more than 200,000 lines of dialogue, unlockable levels, deep and well-developed characters, and multiple endings.

– The Sims Mobile: an essential in any list of life simulators. Certainly not everything in The Sims revolves around dating, but dating is an important part of the game. It allows you to schedule romantic encounters to meet a potential partner and there are many lines of dialogue.

– My Rental Girlfriend: is a dating sim visual novel. Its strong point is that it has a complex story that will have to be talked about a lot to fully unravel it. It also has several mini-games and complex levels where you have to perfectly persuade to make the date a success.

– Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice: It tells several stories, each with its element of love and various options to interact with the characters. The title focuses on offering an engaging plot that interacts with the player through simple controls and a good user interface.

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