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The best mobile baseball games

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On Android you will find a large number of games of any genre, there is something for everyone. Currently, one of the most sought after are sports titles. The Google Play Store offers excellent tennis video games, an interesting catalog of skateboard games and, of course, great football titles. But that’s just the beginning, as it also has fun baseball games.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world and has some excellent, well-designed video games.

So, if you are looking for baseball games that are really addictive, here we will list the best of the moment. There is a lot to choose from, some are focused on entertainment and others on simulation, it’s just a matter of choosing the one you like the most.

– Baseball 9: an arcade type game that has everything you need. The mechanics are simple, but it has the necessary depth to spend several hours on it. One plus point is that it can be played offline, plus you can build your own team by hiring other talented baseball players.

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– Fantasy Baseball: The goal is to assemble the team of your dreams. To do this you must join the MLB, choose your favorite club and proceed to exchange players so that the squad begins to transform into what you have in mind. Best of all, you can play on websites like Yahoo Fantasy Sports, ESPN, among others.

– 9 Innings 22: it is fully focused on simulation. There are over 800 officially licensed players, 30 MLB ballparks, and the graphics are very good. The gameplay is simple, but it’s complex enough that you won’t get bored in no time.

– MLB Perfect Inning 2021: The best thing about this game is that the templates are up to date, something that is important to many. It offers various game modes like really interesting campaign, online PvP, season mode, etc. As for the gameplay, it is complex, it is worth playing several hours to make perfect pitches, the same when hitting.

– Baseball Star: It is inspired by Wii Baseball, the video game created by Nintendo, which is very positive. The best thing about this title is that it has multiple fun modes like offline play, ability to produce a custom team, challenge yourself in league mode, etc. It also offers the possibility to hire players, increase their level and more.

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