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The best map and navigation apps for Android phones

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No matter how adventurous a person is, map and navigation apps will never hurt on your mobile phone because it is not worth taking the risk of getting lost wherever you travel. In the Google Play Store there is an extensive catalog of Android applications that allow you to know where to move, which are the busiest streets, the best routes and even which streets are best lit. The mobile will thus become the best tour guide, ensuring that the tour is a complete success.

Map applications are perfect for obtaining coordinates and turn-by-turn directions of the route to travel to reach the desired destination.

The portable nature of mobile phones is ideal for mapping and navigation apps because the device can be taken anywhere without any hassle. Here we will say which are the best applications of this type today, they stand out for doing an impeccable job.

-Google Maps: Undoubtedly, one of the maps and navigation apps that cannot be missing from any mobile phone is Google Maps. There are many functions and tricks that Google Maps has and that allow you to organize every aspect of the trip… and of course, not get lost in it.

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Google Maps Snow in Madrid

– MAPS.ME: the app has travel guides for specific places around the world. Its strong point is that it does not only cover urban areas. It also has exclusive information on rural sites, roads and shortcuts to remote towns. It is very complete, made for people who love the expedition.

Maps and navigation apps for Android

–GO Navigation: It has a wide repertoire of interesting functions. It is capable of sending alerts about traffic, accidents on the road, speed cameras and informing about the cheapest fuel stations along the way. The app updates in real time to monitor the route live.

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Mobile map and navigation apps

– Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps: a reliable app to get from point A to B. Maps are updated regularly and can be accessed without an internet connection. It also has a live GPS tool that reports city traffic and less traveled routes.

map apps

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– Waze: We come to one of the most versatile, the perfect substitute for Google Maps. It offers live traffic reports and intelligent route planning to make the journey as short as possible. It incorporates a customizable GPS feature and several helpful voice commands.

traffic apps

– Circuit Route Planner: It is designed for couriers, it includes functions that help packages and deliveries go out on time. It includes tools to locate the quickest route and the ability to make an inventory based on the time and day of the shipment and the route that will be used.

apps with maps

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