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The best games like Super Smash Bros for Android

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android has a large number of games of all kinds, and many of them are similar to very famous titles. Such is the case of the best Mario Bros-type games or video games designed in the style of the immortal Pac-Man. But that’s just the beginning, since there’s something for everyone, that’s why we’re going to review those Android video games that are very similar to the great super smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros is one of the best Nintendo games, the combat experience is extremely entertaining.

Here we will tell you which Android titles are most similar to Super Smash Bros so that you can enjoy many hours of fun. You can be calm because they fulfill what they promise; maximum entertainment, well-designed mechanics and comfortable on-screen controls.

– Brawlhalla: It is at the top of many lists because it is worth it. It has everything, here we describe it as an online multiplayer (PvP) title, although it is also an RPG with touches of fantasy and pitched battles. In short, it is the pure essence of a cooperative beat’em up with platform elements. It is a game that is mandatory to try.

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– Skullgirls: It’s an arcade type game, there’s only side scrolling so it’s easy to master. Despite this, it is tremendously addictive, there is a lot of fighting, both individual against the computer and multiplayer. It has a large number of characters and the mechanics are wonderful, they catch you from the first minute.

– Injustice: Gods Among Us: just as in Super Smash Bros all the Nintendo characters face each other, in Injustice there is room for each of the heroes of the DC Comics world. That’s right, the mythical battle of Batman vs. Superman and you can be part of it. It is a game that complies in all aspects.

– Shadow Fight 2: We arrive at a fighting video game that has a catalog with several fighters, each with their own style that has pros and cons. You can do anything in a fight, kick, punch, jump, duck, lock, etc. This is really fun when taking place online against your friends or opponents.

– Stick Fight: It may be the funniest title on this list. In this case, the fighters will be stick figures that you have to control in order to kick, punch, and jump. The attractiveness of the game is that there are hundreds of different maps, they are almost never repeated and each of them requires a different strategy. Also, objects that are on stage can be used as weapons.

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– Rumble Arena: is a platform fighting video game where the objective is to shoot down the enemy. A great point in favor is that it has very good graphics. There are different heroes that you can collect and power up to make them stronger. The tree of skills and powers is huge, which makes this game an interesting option with a lot of content to discover.

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