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The best games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) for mobile

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Between the mobile games Most sought after, without a doubt, shooter titles with themes similar to GTA (Grand Theft Auto) stand out. However, getting a good game in this genre that really resembles Rockstar’s popular flagship may not be so easy.

GTA is the action game par excellence, but its mobile adaptations are not free.

Acquiring a GTA game for smartphones may not be within everyone’s reach. In addition, many of the FPS titles in the Google Play Store and App Store catalog do not have the ideal graphic quality or gameplay. To solve it, here is a list of the best free mobile games similar to the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto.

–Armed Heist: One of the recommendations with the best graphics on this list. In Armed Heist, non-stop action as a ruthless bank robber is guaranteed. You can also participate in target shooting challenges and enjoy a wide range of customization options.

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New Gangster Crime: This is a great option because it is one of the few titles similar to GTA that does not require an Internet connection. This game has a wide map, in which you can carry out various main and secondary missions until you become the king of crime.

Mad Out 2 Big City Online: It’s also a great open world title with endless customization options. Also, in this game you can use a wide variety of vehicles. Its main attraction is the possibility of joining online games of 100 players on the same map.

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime: The game consists of making your way in the world of crime as a boxer who suddenly finds himself involved in a gang war. This title has very good graphics and a fairly large open world to explore. It also has a significant number of secondary missions.

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox: one of the most similar to GTA and at the same time not. As it turns out, Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox features its own original gameplay. In this game you will be able to participate in different campaign events, street fights and even tank wars. You can also drive all kinds of cars and even helicopters.

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Gangstar New Orleans Open World: perhaps the best recommendation on the list. This game closely follows the aesthetics of GTA, but the action takes place in the city of New Orleans. Feel the adrenaline rush by completing gangster challenges and try to survive in the most intense shooting and gang wars.

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