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The best games for couples on mobile

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The games for couples They can become a good escape route from routine. Even the best RPG games or any that emphasize cooperative play can help you connect better with your partner. In addition, sharing the interesting experiences that some video games offer may also allow you to get to know your loved ones better.

Depending on the theme, a good game can help any couple to escape stress.

A very important factor is to make sure that your better half really enjoys playing video games. If so, the most downloaded mobile games, some of which are included in the selection below, may be to your liking. In the end, the experience may become an ideal pastime to share and strengthen the relationship.

Here you will find some games to enjoy with your partner and enjoy love or a more romantic evening.

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–Florence: a game with an interactive story that will catch your attention and that of your partner. Both must choose the answers and actions to give meaning to Florence’s life with her boyfriend. The objective of the title is to create a link between what is told and the personal experience of those who play. There are also challenging puzzles and choices that will make the protagonist happy or not.

–Is-it Love? Drug: romance is the centerpiece, but it’s tied to supernatural phenomena. The plot revolves around a student who begins her career at Mystery Spell University and establishes good relations with one of the most powerful families on campus. However, when she falls in love with one of her members, she begins to hear rumors that they are vampires. You and your partner must discover the truth.

–If My Heart Had Wings: It has a design based on the Japanese manga and focuses on the life of Aoi Minase. This boy wanted to be a sprinter, but an accident prevented him from fulfilling his dream. Later, he tries to set up a hang gliding academy that will allow him to meet many people along the way and to socialize with them. Aoi’s future will depend on the answers and decisions you make.

–Ghost Love Story: the title is inspired by an anime that follows the life of a girl who must decide between the love of a young man or her boss, who has just declared herself. It may seem like a simple mechanic, but everything gets complicated when her best friend dies and returns as a ghost that will act as a kind of conscience that will complicate the development of the story.

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Games for couples in 2023

–Serafina’s Saga: An interesting video game where you and your partner will follow the life of a young woman who spent her entire life in the forest accompanied by her mentor. Then, she decides to run away for unknown reasons and the idea is that she correctly solves the puzzles and dialogues to find out the truth. It is a complete title that offers ten different endings.

– Gone Home: Made for lovers of horror and suspense, when the protagonist returns home, he notices that his family has disappeared for unknown reasons. You have to solve puzzles, read newspapers and piece together scattered notes to find the truth. It is an excellent game to play with your partner because it will require reasoning from both of you in order to move forward.

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