The best free VPNs [2023]


Currently, there are many free VPNs on the market, but you should be careful as some of them could expose your personal data. For this reason, it is important to choose a platform that is really secure and that offers you a first-rate service to have a VPN to watch Netflix movies and series or to get cheaper plane tickets.

Yes, it is possible to trust a free VPN that comes from a reliable and recognized system.

Here we have gathered the best free VPNs that you can find today, they are professional platforms that will shield your information correctly. You can download any of them with complete confidence, you will navigate without problems because the system is fast, there will be no errors or annoying slowdowns.

– ProtonVPN: Its great point in favor is that it offers unlimited data without having to spend a single euro. The browsing speed is fast, so it will be useful to use it on any streaming platform to access content from another country. Proton VPN is open source and constantly receives updates.

Free VPN in 2023

– PrivateVPN: This is the perfect app for accessing the entire library of Netflix USA, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, etc. You will not have any impediment, in addition, the free version allows 10 GB of data at maximum speed per month. In terms of speed, PrivateVPN is above average.

free vpn for mobile

–Windscribe: a VPN that works well on both computers and mobiles. It will be useful to unblock streaming content and simultaneous connections are unlimited. The free version’s data limit is 10 GB and it has servers in 14 countries, which is always a plus.

Free VPN for computers

– AtlasVPN: We have come to the ideal VPN so that your personal information is safe when you are on the web, you will remain anonymous. It offers 10 GB of data per month and the connection speed is good, there are no unexpected drops or slowdowns. The free platform has support for two countries and allows two devices connected at the same time.

Apps for safe browsing

– its differential quality is that it has P2P support, something that is useful when you are going to download content in torrents. The VPN’s customization capacity is high, you will adapt every detail as you prefer. The servers are located in five countries, it has a live chat that doubles as customer support, and the data limit is 10 GB.

Apps to protect information

– TunnelBear: the interface is clean and easy to use, the most important tools are at hand. It has the ability to unlock the entire Netflix USA catalog and the data limit is 500 MB, a point against it if what you want is to watch movies or series on the Internet.

Apps to shield data

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