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The best free online children’s games websites

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The most common thing today is that young children use tablets or mobile phones with children’s applications to play, learn, watch videos or cartoons. But downloading content is not the only option and there are a large number of online games for children that you can access without having to download anything, without registration, without paying. Websites with mini-games or online games to which you can access from your computer’s browser, from your mobile, from your tablet.


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Most online games for children that we leave below they are cross-platform games and just access from the browser and click on “Play” to start enjoying them. Some of the recommended websites are not exclusive for children, so it is always advisable to use parental control tools that monitor the activity or avoid possible dangers in content.

Games in Clan RTVE

On the Clan RTVE website, you can not only watch free children’s cartoons but there are also games for all ages, more than eighty different titles and basically divided into three age categories: preschool, infant and junior. Among the online children’s games of Clan, we find well-known characters for the little ones like Masha, Peppa Pig or Cleo and Cuquín. Children will be able to play many classics like puzzles, search for pairs or find the differences. In addition, it is not necessary to install anything if you access from the computer and it will be enough to press on the different titles to start the game. In the case of mobiles and tablets, simply install the Clan RTVE app and go to the games section.

Clan RTVE Games


Juegos.com is one of the best games for all ages and adults will find on the web some of the best pages to play Parcheesi, Bingo, Chess … But also, it is also an option if you are looking for something for the most little ones play without installing any application. There are more than 300 online games for children of all ages and of all types available: puzzles, musicals, slime creators, decoration, cars …

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The operation of all of them is very basic although it is advisable to control the use of the little ones on this website since it is not a page exclusively for children. Once you have chosen what to play, all you have to do is click on that game and start the game. It is free and no registration is required. In addition, in each game, we will see similar games to find them easily without wasting hours using the categories or the search engine.

Online games for children - Juegoscom

Primary world

The primary world is one of the best websites to download cards or to download colouring pages for the little ones. But beyond stories, fables, cards, poems or resources, we also find a large number of games that children can play online while reviewing different subjects. There are math games, language games, English games, science games, soccer games, cooking games, animals games, clothing games, memory games, logic games, attention games, music games, letters, maps …

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It is, without a doubt, one of the best websites and with more resources if there are children at home and you want to learn without downloading anything. Everything is free and you will find a lot of games available on any of the themes. You can also see if it is suitable for their age or even resources so that parents and teenagers know what is best at all times.



Pocoyo’s website, like RTVE’s, also has a large number of games available for the little ones. In addition, you will also find crafts, colours, videos, applications … To play, just go to the Pocoyo.com website and go to the “games” section. It is a page adapted for the little ones and with all the content easily recognizable, with a comfortable and very easy to use interface. In total there are eight categories: skill games, children’s games, educational games, colouring games, memory games, entertainment games, driving games and puzzle games. Just choose the category and choose the game. All of them have simple instructions or the possibility to press the “Play” button quickly to start playing. They are very basic for any age and there is no need to install anything on the computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Online games for children - Pocoyo


Most online minigame websites also have an online games section for children and Minigames are no exception. Here we find more than 1,600 games available with well-known characters such as Pokémon or SpongeBob, with more than enough themes known as Minecraft or Lego. We can filter by most played, the most successful games or new games.

There are also subcategories to find easy children’s games without complications such as painting games, dolls, Barbie, minions, Mickey Mouse … Just choose the one that interests you the most and you will automatically access the room. Some are multiplayer so it is recommended that you have adult supervision to make sure that children do not give personal data through chat or do not contact any stranger. The great advantage of minijuegos.com is that it is a website with all kinds of options and a vast catalogue to never tire.

Mini games - online games for kids


Pipo is a character who was born many years ago, one of the great classics that already had children’s games on CDROM more than twenty years ago. Now, Pipo has online games for children that we can access for free and that is not only looking for a fun time but also help them learn all kinds of things. The advantage of this website is that next to the game you will read the mechanics and the age recommendation and thus you will know if it fits or not with what you are looking for. You can play free games without paying and it has a payment option that allows you to unlock thousands of available games if you subscribe or register.

Pipoclub - online games for children

ABC Tree

Another of the best websites with online games for children is ABC Tree with specialized educational and didactic games for the little ones and adapted to learn while having a good time. We find math games, puzzles, multiplication games, vowel games, English games or memory games. It is a free website And you can bet on many options within each category, from finding pairs to subtracting or adding with or without carrying. The interface is very comfortable, pleasant for the little ones and very easy to use.

Furthermore, all the games are attractive and easy to use. Is it so explained orally and you won’t need to know how to read in many of them. It is not necessary to install anything, it is free and it has one of the most interesting catalogues in terms of a variety of themes and games but, in addition, another advantage is that it is a children’s website so you will not risk going to another game not suitable for your age.

Tree GamesABC - online games for kids


Cokitos is an educational games website among which we find math games, numbers, letters, games in English, puzzles or classic board games such as chess. All the content is designed for children and you will be able to explore the different categories until you find something that you like and that adjusts with age and theme. For example, we can learn math with SpongeBob or doing multiplications while playing basketball. We can also learn English with Dora the Explorer, play bingo, learn about the human body with Epi and Blas … The games are simple and there is a large number to choose from, you do not have to leave the Cokitos website and you do not have to download anything to be able to use them as many times as you want on your computer.

Cokitos - online games for children

Smile and learn

Smile and learn is not as such a website with online games for children but it is an application or platform for children from 3 to 12 years old and whose purpose is for the little ones to learn and improve in any subject. They can learn mathematics but also languages, language … It is a payment option but it allows a lot of games that will help you review all kinds of knowledge.

In addition, each account allows up to five different profiles and has all the necessary controls to use it safely, with the detailed process of each child for the parents, etc. Smile and learn has the first month of free trial and the possibility of cancelling whenever you want but it is one of the best options if you are looking for online games for children with which to learn as if it were a school on the tablet.

Games country

Country of games is one of the best online gaming websites for children if you are looking for a comfortable, striking and intuitive interface. Modern, easy to use and with a large catalogue available of both colouring and classic board games, cards, educational … Here, unlike the lists on this website, we find a large number of miniatures that we can access. The advantage is that there are many games available and they are free, no registration or download required. The big drawback is that we don’t really know what a game is about or what age it is until we have clicked on it and it has started. There are also categories in which we can choose or filter according to what we want. In this case, we do not recommend it as a website for young children or preschool children but for children, a little older I know they have better handling. It is a good option, complete and with variety but it is simply designed for a fun time and not learning time.

Games country - online games for kids


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