The best FPS games for Android in 2022

mejores juegos fps.jpeg
mejores juegos fps.jpeg
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There are many games that you can enjoy on an Android phone. From an extensive catalog of platform games to a good variety of challenging strategy video games and endless sports titles. Among the diversity of existing genres, one of the most demanded are the fps games because they prioritize action and generate large doses of adrenaline.

First-person shooters are a lot of fun, and there are plenty of quality titles in this area on Android.

In this article we are going to comment on the best FPS games of the moment so you can have a great time. The Google Play Store has a wide variety of video games of this type, but only a few are of excellent quality. For this reason, we compiled the best of the best so you don’t waste your time looking for:

– Shadowgun Legends: a game that was born from a well-done mix between Halo and Warframe. It has a lot of fast action, the PvE fights are chaotic and it has a good social center so you can talk to your friends whenever you want. The gameplay is solid and the 4v4 mode is addictive.

– Infinity Ops: is a multiplayer FPS that lays its foundations in the distant future, it has a great resemblance to Battlefield 2042. The arsenal of weapons and armor is very extensive, something important that adds the ability to make multiple lethal combinations to go out into the game for all. The maps have obstacles and spaces with low gravity, which adds an extra challenge to the shooting mechanics, since it requires skill to master.

– Into the Dead 2: we have reached an interesting fusion between endless runners and FPS. Perhaps it is one of the best FPS games because it is unique and fun, it brings something different. The atmosphere of the game is terrifying and the pace is fast and furious. There are a lot of zombies everywhere and to survive you need to collect ammo, health boosting items and more items.

– Modern Strike: the game revolves around a fight between good and evil, that is, between policemen and robbers. Its great attraction is that it has eight game modes, ranging from single player to multiplayer in which you can use masks, costumes and weapons of all kinds. It has a clan system in which tournaments are held daily that can be played from mobile, which is simply great.

– Unkilled: they have a huge community behind them that considers it one of the best FPS games on Android. In this title, the zombies have taken over New York and to stop them you will have to find out what is the cause of the plague that has been unleashed. The graphics are top notch and there are five characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. A very favorable point is that it allows you to pair controls without problems. It has more than forty weapons divided into five classes and a multiplayer PvP mode.

– Modern Combat 5: It can be seen at first glance that it is inspired by Call of Duty: Mobile, but its great attraction is that it has a good single-player campaign. The graphics are very detailed, they are worked with great care. Of course, the design of the levels and the plot of the story do not offer anything that has not been seen before. For its part, the multiplayer is fun and frenetic, it more than meets the mark.