The best Final Fantasy mobile games


final fantasy is a saga of video games created and distributed by Square Enix. The plot of these games revolves around a fantasy world and is part of the RPG genre of titles. Currently, the franchise has millions of fans around the world and is available on multiple devices, such as Android phones.

Final Fantasy mobile games are very well done, offering top notch gameplay that is entertaining.

The Google Play Store has its own versions of the game, many of which stand out as excellent. They are very complete, they have a magnificent story, polished gameplay, and the graphics are also well-cared for. Next, we will give a list with the best titles of this saga for Android smartphones.

–Final Fantasy Dimensions: offers a complete JRPG experience that is divided into thirteen episodes that are played as individual stories, each with their own plot and characters. As for the combat, it remains true to the turn-based fighting mechanics, where each fighter must fulfill a specific task.

–Final Fantasy VI: a new version of the classic title that has improved graphics and very well adapted controls. Another key point is that the user interface has been improved, making it possible to play from mobile comfortably. Something vital is that you have to be familiar with the saga to understand this version.

–Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: we come to an HD version of the epic PS1 title. The best thing is that everything that the classic video game has is present in this mobile installment. The characters have plenty of skills to upgrade, the combat flows without any slowdown, and the story is engaging.

–Final Fantasy Brave Exivus: This game was built from the ground up for mobile, which means that the on-screen controls are seamless. From the panel you can activate any command and the gaming experience is complete. There is a huge overworld to explore and a plot full of very interesting and unexpected plot twists.

–Final Fantasy Tactics: War Of The Lions: a delivery that has a lot of combat and history. The plot revolves around politics and the gameplay is totally strategic. You have to think carefully about each movement so as not to lose the characters in battle.

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