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The best exchanges to get started in cryptocurrencies

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There are dozens of platforms and tools that we can use to manage our cryptocurrencies and get the most out of them. But there is only one that is almost essential: exchanges or exchange houses. Exchanges are web pages where you can buy, sell, and sometimes store cryptocurrencies. In today’s video, we talk about two of the most basic with which to start operating with crypto, with which you can start buying and selling cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, some of the most profitable cryptocurrencies and many others.

As with cryptocurrencies, and as we could see in the video about altcoins, there are many different exchanges. Each one has its peculiarities, its advantages and its disadvantages: ease of use, more or less commissions, more or less cryptocurrency catalog, etc …

Obviously, it is not possible (nor recommended) to use all exchanges. It is best to limit yourself to a few (those that best suit our needs) to have our assets better controlled. That is why it is advisable to operate in the exchanges that offer the most advantages; in particular, those that charge us less commissions for each movement, since this way we will be able to keep more of the money obtained when we are making investments.

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In today’s video we talk about the two 6G-huawei-and-zte-already-establish-themselves-as-the-leader-of-the-future-mobile-network/">exchanges that I started using at the beginning of my journey with cryptocurrencies. Between the two, you can fully enter the market, whether you just want to try or if you prefer to dedicate yourself more seriously to cryptocurrencies. Although they are two very complete pages, do not take my word as law and always do your own research.

As always, leave us your doubts, suggestions and concerns about the world of cryptocurrencies in the comments and we will discuss them in future videos.

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