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Nowadays, speaking English is practically a must in any competitive job. For this reason, there are applications to learn English and YouTube channels that teach that language. Likewise, there is also dictionary apps in English that facilitate the understanding of any context through definitions, synonyms, syntactic explanations, etc.

A good English dictionary of synonyms will facilitate writing because it will allow the person to use a broader and more precise vocabulary.

Thus, dictionary apps in English are perfect for writing emails, articles, messages, etc., because they will make it possible to choose the correct words for each situation, in addition to the fact that the vocabulary of the text will be richer, it will not fall into excessive repetition of terms. Next, we will give a list with the most competent dictionaries in this sector.

– Collocations Thesaurus Offline: input exposes a list of synonyms for the most used words in writing. Also, it only offers alternatives that are correctly related to the word in question so that the term is not forced into it.

Best dictionary apps

–Power Thesaurus: very easy to use, it is only a matter of putting the word in the search engine so that an extensive list of synonyms appears. It also reports which are the most popular synonyms and how many exist for the term in question.

Thesaurus Apps

–Pocket Thesaurus: one of the most useful on this list because it will not be necessary to write the word in the app. Just by marking it, the dictionary will automatically show the synonyms of the term. It does not matter if it is a social network, application or web page, the synonym catalog will be displayed without any problems.

dictionary apps

– Concise Oxford Thesaurus: a dictionary that has a large number of languages. When searching for a word, it will not only teach the synonym, but it will explain in what context to use it so that the user makes a correct construction of the sentence. It should be noted that it offers a 30-day free trial, then you will have to pay a one-time fee of eight euros.

Mobile dictionaries

–WordHippo: the design of the app and its friendly interface is top notch. The results it offers are very complete, it exposes the synonyms, the best contexts of use for terms and words that are related to the person’s search. It also introduces definitions, translations, rhymes, and word forms.

Dictionaries for smartphones

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