The best dog walking apps


Currently, pets have many gadgets and applications that considerably improve their quality of life. In this sense, the dog walking apps they have the ability to offer useful advice to make the walk more profitable. They also expose the best routes for exits and help to understand the needs of the animal.

The apps make it possible for the dog to behave better on walks, they also record valuable data on the journey.

If there is a pet at home, it is vital to know which are the best dog walking apps. They are made to make that moment pleasant and stress-free, in addition to allowing you to get to know the animal even better. Next, we will give a list of those applications that are really worth it.

–Dog Walk: designed for those who want to control the route, distance and duration of walks with the dog. Each pet registered within the app will have its own profile that will store important data about its behavior and the progress it makes every time it goes for a walk.

Apps to walk dogs correctly

– Pet Backer: It is used to keep details of what the dog likes when it goes out. It also offers useful advice on what to do in each situation, such as when to take your pet to the groomer, when to take public transport, secrets to take the best photos, etc.

Apps to walk dogs properly

– Puppr: has a catalog with the basic techniques to walk the dog in the best possible way. There are plenty of instructions on how to train your pet to understand useful commands like “come”, “sit”, “stop”, etc.

dog apps

– Doggy Logs: a complete app that exposes the best routes tracked with GPS, a record of recent walks and the facility to add several pets to the system to save their data. It also incorporates a tracker for home visits, collections and returns.

apps for dogs

– Rover: It is made for people who have a job walking dogs. The app is a platform that has many pet owners and dog and cat sitters. The individual will be able to register as a walker, as well as a caregiver or guest. It allows you to create a professional profile, book a ride, get paid, get reviews and more.

Pet walking apps

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