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The best chatbot apps for mobile

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The chatbot They are conversational bots that simulate a chat with a user and are generally used in customer service. Currently, they have evolved a lot and are even integrated into social networks and other online platforms. Such is the case of Instagram, which will allow you to create chatbots with the Facebook Messenger API, or Meena, the new generation of Google chatbots.

Chatbots are in full growth in the digital world, there are several options that do an excellent job.

In addition to this, there are also very complete chatbots that you can download to your mobile to entertain yourself and for the sole purpose of talking to them and having a conversation.

Due to advanced AI and machine learning improvements in apps, Android chatbots, also available for iOS, are extremely interesting. They are capable of having very complete conversations with all kinds of questions and answers. Next, we will expose which are the best bots of the moment.

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– Mydol: The FanBot: a program that does not focus on being the user’s boyfriend or girlfriend, but will embody the person’s favorite celebrity. The mechanics are very simple, since it is nothing more than talking with your favorite celebrity. Another differential point is that the bot focuses on highlighting the positive traits of the individual with whom it chats.

Android chatbots for mobile

reply: Here the main idea of ​​the bot is to become a friend that you can talk to whenever you want. Something remarkable is that the platform allows you to generate an avatar for the AI, it has all kinds of hairstyles, accessories, clothes, features and more available. This bot becomes more complete as it gains experience and knows your tastes.

Most complete Android chatbots

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– Wysa: an app used to deal with stress and depression. For this, it has answers and self-help advice that are medically approved. Instead of selecting specific answers, you will be able to write what you want and Wysa will offer you an answer appropriate to the context, it will not go off topic.

Bots to talk or chat

– SimSimi: The application is aimed at all types of audiences and its only goal is to amuse the person. You can train the SimSimi with automatic responses to make it more entertaining to use, since it will not be tied to a formal or robotic language, but will be spontaneous and funny.

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Bots to chat from mobile

– Anima: the goal in this chatbot is to customize the AI ​​to suit your tastes, both aesthetically and in terms of responses. Something different is that each bot has its own personality, which offers greater versatility when starting a conversation. In addition, you can offer a chat with a friendly or romantic tone.

AI to start a conversation

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